2017 set to be filled with GrEAT Britain, America Discovered and an Oriental Burst!

2017 set to be filled with GrEAT Britain, America Discovered and an Oriental Burst!

Bidvest Foodservice has revealed the top food trends for 2017. The top three trends, which will be unveiled in January in a guide form, are:

‘GrEAT Britain’ – the idea of ‘backing British’ is growing in a post-Brexit world. This means more consumers will be seeking out and supporting local products, consolidating heritage, provenance, craft, skills, as well as taking pride in doing things themselves and recognising British tradition.

‘America Discovered’ – an increased movement towards everything American – from South American and Mexican cuisines through to Caribbean and Hawaiian. More interest in regional flavours, cooking techniques such as smoking/barbequing, and regional combinations such as tacos/meal kits etc.

‘Oriental Burst’ – all about the Far East. The traditional flavours of the familiar Chinese and Japanese foods available will expand to include Korean and other Asian food origins that will then filter into street food.

Feeding these concepts are seven sub-trends*, the full details of which are included in a guide for catering professionals wanting inspiration on how to bring the trends alive for their own audience. Each trend is coupled with a recipe, crockery pairing and serving suggestion to show what a finished dish could look like.

Lucy Pedrick, Insights Manager at Bidvest Foodservice, says food trends are born out of the continued changing landscapes of technology, social behaviour, social media, government, and demographic makeup, all of which are driving more inspiring food choices and changes amongst consumers:

“We’re seeing much more of an experimental consumer than ever before, right across the generations. With the rise in home cooking, consumers are becoming more adventurous both at home and when eating out. The good news is that brands are reacting quickly with products, combinations and concepts which not only surprise and delight consumers, but complement one another.

“Our aim with the trends guide is to help our customers put these concepts into practice.”

Bidvest Foodservice’s 2017 trends have been identified using a range of resources including customers and consumer views, research and reports, interviews with industry experts and key outtakes from relevant food events.

Date posted: 01/01/2017
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