Date posted: 14/12/2023

Bidfood and CarbonCloud join forces to initiate transformation in supply chain carbon Management

Bidfood, one of the UK’s leading foodservice providers, has announced a strategic collaboration with CarbonCloud, a pioneer in climate intelligence technology. This partnership marks Bidfood's commitment in supply chain carbon management as it aims to calculate its climate footprint across the value chain.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, Bidfood has set robust climate targets to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2045 across all scopes. To achieve these goals, Bidfood recognises the importance of data accuracy in measuring and reducing its full carbon footprint, including the Scope 3 category Purchased Goods & Services, which is traditionally the least visible and hardest to measure element of a food businesses carbon footprint.

Calculating Purchased Goods and Services is a significant challenge for companies in the food system as the category usually accounts for the majority of Scope 3 emissions. Carbon management in this category calls for sustained collaborative action throughout the supply chain, and the data required for the calculations is often difficult to pinpoint.

With state-of-the-art automation, CarbonCloud's innovative platform streamlines this process, providing Bidfood and its suppliers the opportunity to connect securely and seamlessly for better climate insights. As a first stage, Bidfood will have the initial climate footprint of its product range calculated swiftly in 2024.

"We’re thrilled to embark on this exciting collaboration with CarbonCloud and start collaborating with our suppliers on a single platform. Data integrity and scalability for our value chain is an important step towards achieving our sustainability objectives," says Jim Gouldie, Supply Chain and Technical Services Director at Bidfood.

A key strength of CarbonCloud's platform is its ability to connect the entire supply chain network. By mapping out the value chain of each product, from farm to retail gate, CarbonCloud enables real-time updates and ensures that the data quality and accuracy are instantly reflected across the network. This network effect fosters collaboration across the value chain, allowing food industry stakeholders to measure, share, and compare their climate footprints on equal ground. Bidfood and its stakeholders will be able to exchange emissions data securely and evaluate the climate impact of various products, even when dealing with diverse categories.

“Bidfood’s forward-thinking approach to climate impact makes them an ideal partner and we are thrilled to join forces. The partnership marks a new era of sustainability in the foodservice industry. By collaborating on advanced climate calculations, we are taking a significant step toward a net-zero value chain and collaborative future," says David Bryngelsson, CEO & Founder of CarbonCloud.

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