How can we support your pub

How can we support your pub?

The market is challenging and you need a strong and stable foodservice supplier to provide you all you need to be successful.

You can have confidence in the fact that we are constantly working with our pubs customers to highlight key challenges and come up with solutions to help make your life easier. You’ll find in this section a number of our tools and benefits you receive when you become a customer of ours…

Bringing to life trends and insights

Our insights team are constantly reviewing consumer behaviour and the latest food and drink trends to support with new innovation on pub menus. It can be difficult to keep up with this all but we aim to make this simpler with our annual food and drink trends reports and our quarterly updates which you can access through your account manager.

Our chef team are also always looking for new ideas and solutions for your menu. They have years of experience working in the pub industry and are constantly working on new recipes and ideas which we’d love to work with you to develop in your pubs.

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Having the right range of products for your pub

If you’re looking for daily delivered quality fresh options, worry no more. Our comprehensive range of over 10,000 products includes branded and own brand products, different price point options, wholesale beers, wholesale wines, and wholesale spirits, plus the latest market leading innovation. All on one delivery, you can expect to be able to buy anything you need from us.

If you’re looking for quality fresh options, worry no more. Our sister businesses Direct Seafoods, Campbell Brothers, and Oliver Kay have you completely covered with quality fresh options specifically for pubs available.

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Calorie labelling

Since the new April 2022 calorie labelling legislation was introduced , it has caused a number of more hurdles for pubs to navigate. We’ve been busy pulling together a range of useful information, advice and examples on calorie labelling to refer to, all included in our making sense of calorie labelling guide.

Meet Alex Boynton

Meet Chef Craig Miles

Meet Joe Angliss

A dedicated account manager to you

As one of our National Account Managers for Pubs Alex, works with a broad portfolio of pubs and knows exactly how to support pubs customers grow their business and improve the profitability of your pub menu. When you’re a customer of ours you’ll have access to one account manager and our wider team of pub experts to support the long-term success of your business.

Craig Miles, Development Chef

As the Development Chef for pubs, Craig has a fountain of knowledge to share from years of working with pubs of all different formats and sizes. His role is to bring to life new food and drink innovation with recipes and menu support to help improve your pub’s food offering.

Joe Angliss, Customer Marketing Manager

As the Customer Marketing Manager for Pubs, Joe’s role is to support you with drawing your attention to new pub food trends to support your menu development and provide you with solutions and ideas to overcome challenges the pub industry faces.

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