Beer is the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drink…

 and the third most popular drink overall behind water and tea! Beer is produced in a process called brewing which involves the fermentation of sugars mainly from malted barley. There are many different types of beers available produced in different methods and hops.

The world of beer is forever evolving and thanks to our relationships with all the large beer suppliers from around the world we are able to keep on the front foot with the latest category trends and new emerging products. We have access to a vast array of point of sale to help you advertise and promote your drinks categories and we have a team of experts on hand to help you develop your range. Please contact to arrange a visit from one of our Category Development Managers.

Beer and lager still make up a large part of the drink market however premium and no/low alcohol products are those that are in growth currently. If you would like help or advice on the ideal range to stock in your business please contact us.

36% of consumers are prepared to pay extra for a drink of better quality than their usual choice

(Source: CGA)

Premiumisation – customers drinking habits are changing and they now expect to see and pay for more premium products, so it’s important that you stock a range that will satisfy this demand.

Health and no/low alcohol

More and more customers are looking for healthier options such as no/low alcohol and gluten free beers so it is important that you cater for these products in the range you stock.

62% of customers actively try and lead a healthier lifestyle

(Source :- Budweiser Brewery Group |  UK Category Management 2019)

The no/low alcohol category is the fastest growing category in the beer market, up 24.3%

(Source :- Budweiser Brewery Group |  UK Category Management 2019)

Maximise your fridges

Your fridge(s) are one of your most powerful sales tools, after your staff – ‘eye level is buy level’! Therefore careful planning can help maximise your sales of bottled beers and ciders. Below are some things to remember:

  • Plan your fridge layout around your most popular brands
  • Use the top shelf for your most profitable lines, they should also have more facings to encourage customers to purchase
  • Try not to clutter your fridge – keep it tidy with a well chosen range
  • Remember – if a customer can’t see it they won’t buy it!
  • Fill up regularly placing new stock at the back and ensure all bottles are moved to the front – it takes up to 8 hours to chill a bottle of beer

ABI proposes a very clear and simple chiller layout that is easy for the consumer to choose from and ensures sufficient stock of the popular brands. Your fridge is open of your powerful sales tools. Use it effectively and you’ll enjoy a healthy turnover. Here are some things to remember:

  1. Plan around your most popular brands.
  2. Top brands need to have the most facings to ensure that customer is served with a cold beer & cider.
  3. If they can’t see it, they won’t buy it!
  4. Looks are everything – keep it cold – Try not to clutter the fridge, keep it tidy. A simple well-chosen range.
  5. Go global – stock PPL’s and craft beers.

Growth shelf (top)

Use this shelf for high margin products to attract image conscious drinkers

Volume shelf (middle)

More established customer base and lower selling price, means customers are more likely to hunt them out

Function shelf (bottom)

The customer looking for an alternative drink will search high and low for their drink choice

Draught beer solutions

Learn more about our draught beer solutions from brand leaders Heineken and Carlsberg

Heineken Blade


Carlsberg Draught Master

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