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What we have to offer

We are a national wholesaler with local thinking, we are proud of our fresh meat offer and work with some of the best catering butchers and suppliers in the UK.

You can trust our meat for high quality, consistency, value and full traceability, with many products endorsed by Red Tractor and other respected industry bodies.

Our fresh meat offer is much more than just the products we sell and deliver!  We can support you from the beginning of menu planning, through the combined knowledge of our meat specialists and our food development team – we can advise on what dishes to serve, which cuts to select for quality or cost engineering and how to accompany and finish the dishes to follow the latest consumer trends!

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Anyone for sous vide steak?

Chefs Martin and Damon from our food development team have used the striploin steaks from our butchery video below, to demonstrate how to cook and garnish them in three different ways.  Some traditional methods and some more experimental, but ensuring they have maintained the quality and taste of the meat. Who knew sous vide steak could taste so good?

Our food development team are at their happiest when they are working with our customers to deliver inspiration and dishes to suit their menus, kitchen facilities and skills.  They work alongside our marketing team to understand consumer trends, with our technical team to understand product specifications and promote sustainability and with our buying and sales teams to keep costs and therefore GP top of mind.

Click here to view our guide to cooking the perfect steak or to see view our full range of beef click here

Fresh meat butchery

Fresh meat, like other centre of plate proteins account for a big proportion of the dish cost… therefore any reduction to this cost will positively hit your profits!

Do your chefs already have good butchery skills? Buying in joints and butchering on-site is a great way to reduce costs and also reduce wastage.  Talk to your account manager or get in touch using the form below to find out which joints we have available.

Do your chefs have the potential to improve their butchery skills?  We can also support you with knife skills training, through our Master Butcher and meat specialists. Get in touch below to find out more.

If you would like to find out more about our fresh meat offering for your business, then please fill out the form below and you will be contacted shortly.

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