Date posted: 26/04/2017

Sticky pig burger

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Thin rice noodles 200g
Asian slaw mix 400g
Sriracha sauce 200ml
Premium Selection Korean pulled pork 1kg
Little gem lettuce 5
Premium Selection brioche bun 10 (each)


  1. Collate all your ingredients
  2. Deep fry your noodles until crispy and set to one side
  3. Heat the Korean pulled pork and set to one side
  4. Mix your Asian slaw mix with sriracha sauce and keep chilled
  5. Cut and wash your little gen and dry - keep chilled until needed
  6. To build your burger - toast the bun and keep warm
  7. Top the base with little gem lettuce, heap on the Asian slaw
  8. Top with the pulled pork
  9. Finish with the crispy noodles and a drizzle of sriracha sauce
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