Date posted: 03/10/2018

Parsnip hash browns

  • Serves 3
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Parsnips 350g
Potatoes 450g
Everyday Favourites medium fresh eggs 4
Everyday Favourites table salt 1 tsp
Everyday Favourites ground black pepper 1 tsp
Garlic clove 1
Everyday Favourites sliced onions 75g
Pure olive oil tin 5 tbsp
Farmstead unsmoked rindless streaky bacon 6 rashers


  1. Peel and coarsely grate both the parsnips and potatoes. Once grated, squeeze out as much liquid as possible and put them in a bowl
  2. Add one of the eggs, seasoning, garlic and onion. Once mixed, divide the mixture into six pieces and shape roughly into flat cakes.
  3. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and fry three of the cakes on a low heat for around 4-5 minutes on each side until golden. Transfer to kitchen paper with a slotted spoon and leave to cool
  4. Repeat the same process with the remaining three cakes
  5. Whilst they are cooking, grill the bacon and poach the remaining eggs. To serve, lay the bacon on top of the cakes, followed by a poached egg
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