Date posted: 27/07/2020

Lamb Weston sweet potato shoestrings with salted caramel and Nespresso™ espuma

  • Serves 1
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For the espuma:
Milk 50ml
Cream 200ml
Mascarpone 50g
Icing sugar 30g
Nespresso forte 30ml
For the caramel:
Sugar 250g
Cream 200ml
Vanilla pod ½
Sea salt Pinch of
Lamb Weston sweet potato shoestring fries 80g


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  1. To make the espuma, mix together the milk, cream, mascarpone and icing sugar. Add the cooled Nespresso forte and mix again. Pour the mixture into an espuma gun or syphon and chill.
  2. To make the caramel, slowly heat the sugar and cream with the vanilla pod over a low heat until the desired colour and texture is achieved. Remove the vanilla pod and add the sea salt.
  3. Prepare the sweet potato shoestring fries according to instructions. Lightly sauté with the salted caramel and serve with the espuma for dipping on the side.


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