Date posted: 19/08/2019

Diced Indian paneer cheese and pineapple

A fast, flexible, flavoursome recipe to make

  • Serves 10
  • Timing: 20 mins
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Diced paneer cheese 1kg
Everyday Favourites Garam Masala 3 tbs
Everyday Favourites table salt 3 tbs
Everyday Favourites plain flour 200g
Everyday Favourites free range medium eggs 5
Panko breadcrumbs 500g
Fresh pineapple 1
Red chilli 2
Red onion 1 large
Greek style yoghurt 300ml
Cucumber 2
Black onion seeds 8g
Fresh mint Small bunch
Blue Dragon sriracha 2 tbs


  1. Toss the paneer in the salt and garam masala, then toss in the flour, egg and panko
  2. Make the salsa, peel and dice the pineapple, concasse the tomato, finely dice the red chilli, peel and finely dice red onion, mix together
  3. Cucumber yoghurt - cut the cucumber in 5 inch chunks and use a mandolin to ribbon, mix with the yoghurt, salt, shredded mint and seeds
  4. Deep fry the panko cubes, divide the cucumber yoghurt onto plates, top with the fried panko, top with salsa and the sriracha
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