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Build a better breakfast club!

At Bidfood we are passionate about supporting your schools. We believe that when children start their day the right way, they have more energy to learn throughout the day. From cereal and porridge to yoghurt and fruit juice, we have everything you need to create a great breakfast club in your school. Start your pupils’ day with a great range of healthier foods to choose from, and educate them about the importance of breakfast!


Getting started

A great breakfast club not only offers kids a nutritious breakfast to start their day, but offers a variety of options for them to choose from, to educate them about the various ways they can eat a healthy breakfast.

Improving your club

It’s good to get the basics of a breakfast club sorted from the beginning; our ‘getting started’ range will help with this.

Once your club has been established and you understand attendance numbers and patterns, there are many ways to improve your breakfast clubs in order to:

  • Encourage higher attendance
  • Get kids to try different foods
  • Encourage healthier eating
  • Educate them about food

Take a look at these activity ideas, with 3 options for various ages’

Healthier options

In order to improve the offering at your breakfast club, there are a number of switches you can do to make sure a healthier option is being offered. For example, instead of offering white bread every morning, reserve it as a treat for Fridays and offer wholemeal or best of both throughout the week instead. More ideas are listed in our breakfast guide.

Hot options

We understand that breakfast clubs will differ in many schools across the country. This will mainly depend on what cooking facilities are available and who is staffing the breakfast club. If you don’t have access to kitchens, you can still provide good nutritious hot options to the children. All you need is a microwave! We have 3 recipes for you to try below, all of which can be easily made by catering staff, teachers and parents alike.

Try our easy to make toast spread recipes,

which are lower in sugar than regular spreads!

Toast is always a popular choice at breakfast clubs as it is easy to provide then store when the club is finished. Whilst jam and other spreads are good choices, we have some recipes for some alternative butter toppings:

Put the ingredients in a blender to create the spreads! Serves 10

  • Date and cinnamon butter

  • Apple and cinnamon butter

  • Vanilla and honey butter

Three microwave recipes

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