Time for brunch

Brunch is becoming an essential part of a menu offering. This comes from the fact that the number of people wanting brunch has increased 123% (eshores holidays, 2017) with no signs of it stopping there! Traditional dining timetables have been changing in recent years and will continue to do so as we see the rise of all day breakfasts as well as blurring lines between meals. As a result brunch is increasingly making its way onto menus.

How can we help?

Our brochure discusses the wide range we have with trends and insights in the marketplace and how you can make the most of the specific day part. We’ve also incorporated recipes into the brochure to provide you with ideas on what you can do differently for your brunch offering so you can cater to the trends that your customers are wanting to see, whilst also providing you with our range of crockery and packaging for setting your table.

Top recipe recommendations:

White chia pot

See recipe

Asian style omelette

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Vegan shakshuka

See recipe

Breakfast muffin

See recipe

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