by Graeme Crompton

The 3 professional cleaning brands you’ll need coming out of lockdown

The 3 professional cleaning brands you’ll need coming out of lockdown

In the first blog of my “coming out of lockdown” series, I covered how Bidfood can identify the right hygiene products to help clean your business. In this blog, I’m going to delve a little deeper into 3 cleaning brands that will literally change the way you think about and view cleaning.

“Show me some innovation!”

We all know how important innovation is. We want guarantees we’ll be protected against novel threats, such as SARS-CoV-2, long into the future. Bidfood are proud to work with industry leaders in the hygiene world, introducing our customers to the latest product offerings.

P&G, a trusted Bidfood partner are both excited to bring you a range of 7 NEW products within the following 3 brands – Flash, Deepio and Microban®. All 3 will revolutionise the way you clean your business.


1. Flash: Disinfecting – now only better!

Flash has long been a recognised professional cleaning brand, a brand that many trust. We’re pleased to introduce you to 4 new Flash disinfecting products:

  1. Cleaner (80670): for use on surfaces with food contact
  2. Degreaser (17485): for use on cooker tops, walls and splash backs
  3. 4 in 1 (61194): for use on table-tops, counters, high touch surfaces, mirrors and glass
    • All the above kill 99% of all bacteria and viruses (including coronaviruses) within a 15 second contact time
  4. All-Purpose (44597): for use on floors and general surfaces


2. Deepio: Degreasing – now 40% faster!

One of the industry’s most powerful degreasers, Deepio (44598), has been supercharged with a 40% faster claim. If your business produces a lot of grease, this type of product is essential, you can then disinfect the same surface with a Flash product afterwards, ensuring the surface is fully sanitised for the next task or following day.


3. Microban®: Protection – the new kid on the block!

Possibly the best example of innovation by P&G is that of Microban®. Microban®, a new brand, not only offers bacteria and virus kill, but it also provides 24 hour protection against bacteria. This protective claim is revolutionary and will change the cleaning habits of many businesses for years to come. Why only disinfect when you can protect at the same time?!

Microban® is available in two formats – multi-purpose cleaner (44554) and bathroom cleaner (44335) and will be available to purchase from Bidfood from April 2021.


For all up-to-date P&G product guides please visit our brand new website. All products available to purchase from April 2021 – order from your local Bidfood depot or through Bidfood Direct.

(* all product codes correct at time of publishing)

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