by Graeme Crompton

Virtual Site Survey’s and the 4 Hygiene product categories you’ll need coming out of lockdown

Virtual Site Survey’s and the 4 Hygiene product categories you’ll need coming out of lockdown

As businesses begin to reopen this spring and summer, it’s widely recognised that cleanliness and hygiene techniques employed throughout the workplace is more important than ever before. Be it a school, care home, hotel, large restaurant or small café – all business owners want reassurance the products and equipment used will be effective at fighting and defending against the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19) and provide that much sought after peace of mind.

In this article, I’ll explore how we can help any foodservice related business protect their staff and customers as we move out of lockdown during 2021.


Virtual Site Survey’s

“Who can help guide me to the perfect clean?!”

Many business owners and staff will be asking themselves this very question and we have the perfect solution to help. We have in-house hygiene specialists that can help conduct Virtual Site Survey’s – a site survey conducted via a video call, where a Bidfood Account Manager or even customer, guides a hygiene specialist around the back and front of house areas of their business. This helps identify, based on a business’s operation, the best products to achieve a high level of cleanliness, and will support our customers as they restart their businesses in 2021.

Virtual Site Survey’s will allow many businesses to obtain specialist hygiene help during this critical period as our customers seek to reopen this spring and summer. As part of the Hygiene Virtual Site Survey, four product categories are covered, which I will talk about below.


The 4 hygiene product categories

“What do I need to help protect my business?!”

Well, there are four product categories, which are of focus – chemical, janitorial, paper and PPE. There are many products you will need to cover each category but I wanted to share my one must have product for each of them…


1. Chemical

Sanitiser / disinfectant:  be it a home brand or branded solution, ensuring that both bacteria and viruses are killed, and in a timely manner, is extremely important.


2. Janitorial

Cloths: whether you’re cleaning food preparation surfaces or high risk areas such as restrooms, ensuring you keep cloths separate and disposing of regularly is important in achieving a high level of cleanliness.


3. Paper

Hand towels: did you know that, from a hygiene viewpoint, paper towels are superior to electric air dryers. They remove bacteria effectively and cause less contamination of the washroom environment.


4. PPE

Face masks: having a steady supply of face coverings for your staff and customers will be imperative when reopening your business.


Please visit our brand new website for an up-to-date hygiene product range from Bidfood, where you will also find our most recent “Helping you with… HYGIENE – The Right Cleaning Solutions for You” guide:

To book a Virtual site Survey with Bidfood – please either contact your Bidfood Account Manager or visit our Bidfood Catering Supplies  website to see how we can help further.


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