by Jason Hersey

Ordering your chopping board is as easy as your chips, beans and blue roll…

Ordering your chopping board is as easy as your chips, beans and blue roll…

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and meet our customer’s high standards and on our own personal mission for service excellence! One way we have done this is by reviewing our equipment offering to all of our customers and it is great to be able to announce that from spring 2021 ordering a chopping board will be as easy as your chips, beans and blue roll!

Not only have we updated and improved our equipment range for all your catering needs but we have streamlined how you order. It really is simple!

  1. Choose from our range of high quality products consisting of 1200 products
  2. Place your order alongside your food
  3. Receive your delivery the next day!

This really makes us one of the market leaders for catering supplies for the ‘one-stop-shop’ proposition in food wholesale which includes a further 1400 hygiene and packaging products covering all your operational needs.

That’s right – one account number, one order, one invoice, by cutting down the number of orders that need to be placed and deliveries coming in we can help create real value to caterers and restauranteurs not just by giving them the best price but the opportunity to consolidate saving time, money and resource while allowing them to concentrate more on what matters most to their business right now, delivering great food and experience to every guest every time.

Crucially, with consumers planning to return to dining out as often as they did before lockdown, a national survey reveals, more than three-quarters (76%) said they would revert to their previous habits of dining out up to four times a month*.

With this in mind, now is a key time to check that your equipment is up to the task to cater for the extra footfall coming through your doors. So, here are my five top tips:

  1. Are your colour chopping boards and knives in good condition and do you have enough? Natasha law comes into force in October, so allergens and cross contamination is at the forefront of everybody’s mind.
  2. Do you have enough sauce, stock and frying pans to cope with the extra demand? Having these in place will help speed up service and turn those tables quicker.
  3. The right food storage containers are a must, these not only help you with prepping for today’s service but it can really help control and reduce your food waste while maintaining the product quality.
  4. How is the uniform looking? Hygiene and cleanliness is at the fore front of customers minds so having your chef whites in tip top condition will go some way to show you are on top of the game.
  5. Do you have enough cutlery? Nothing is worse while waiting for someone to polish up cutlery that has just come out of the dish washer when they could be clearing a table for the next customer.

As restrictions start to ease and life is starting to return to normality why not talk to your account manager or telesales executive to help you with ensuring you are ready for the reopening of indoor dining. And why not take a look our new catering supplies website to see our full range and product guides;


*Guardian, October 2020


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