by Wayne Wright

5 ways to give your menu a health kick

5 ways to give your menu a health kick
It’ll come as no surprise that 68% of people have become more concerned about their health and wellbeing since living through the coronavirus pandemic*.

But wellbeing is such a vast area that is often confusing for many of us, with so many niche concepts and fad diets… it can feel impossible to keep up! Many people right now are looking for simple ways to stay healthy, whilst at the same time maintaining their social lives, and enjoying eating and drinking out at their favourite restaurants, pubs and hotels as we approach the holiday season.

The stats tell us that over half of us intend to make healthier choices when we eat out, compared to before the pandemic*. And 50% of us would eat out more often if we saw healthier options on menus*. But the reality is that the majority of people, 58% of us in fact, feel that healthy options on menus often seem less appealing*…

So, as an operator, how can you give your menu a health kick whilst keeping your range exciting and appealing?

Here are our 5 top tips…


       1. Try making sugar swaps

Low sugar content is one of the key things people look for when they’re looking for a ‘healthy snack’**. But reducing sugar doesn’t have to mean cutting out tempting desserts and tasty treats. Why not try some sugar swaps on your menu, using natural ingredients like dates or monkfruit instead of processed sugar.


       2. Add more vegetables to your dishes

With health intentions high on the agenda, two fifths of people now intend to eat more veg when they eat out, compared to before the pandemic*. And with 49% sometimes finding it difficult to get their five-a-day in, dishes that include a variety of veg will have appeal. Try our five-a-day Thai Nourish bowl recipe or our Super Green Sweet Potato salad here.


       3. Add fresh juices and smoothies to your menu

A great addition to breakfast or lunch menus to help your customers get their vitamins in whilst encouraging higher spend. As the summer approaches, refreshing options will be a hit, and they make an easy to-go option too. Plus, using up would-be-wasted fruit and veg is something you can shout about, as people become more mindful of the environment. Try our new juice recipes in our Trends brochure.


       4. Offer meat-free alternatives

Though the vegan population is still pretty small, over a third of us are more likely to consider vegan options when eating out now after the pandemic*. Try using versatile ingredients like chickpeas to make a range of delicious plant-based options. Middle Eastern flavours work particularly well with plant-based dishes, and can give your menu a global twist.


       5. Add light and low options to your dessert menu

We all want to have our cake and eat it too! Permissible indulgence is something we’re hearing more about. Lighter and healthier dessert options are one great way to provide this. One of our favourite summer desserts is a lighter twist on the old-time favourite pannacotta. We recommend using yoghurt instead of fresh cream, putting less sugar into the recipe and serving it up with fresh seasonal fruits. It’s surprisingly indulgent!



Our interactive 2021 Trends Update brochure is packed full of insight and tips about Wellness My Way, Careful Consumption and Global Cuisines. Plus, our two new social trends – The New Normal and Changing Choices. You can also find out more on our Trends 2021 webpages.


*Bidfood consumer survey, UK, April 2021

**Mintel, Consumer Snacking, UK, July 2020

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