Date posted: 18/06/2021

Super green sweet potato salad

  • Serves 10
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Sweet potatoes 120g
Everyday Favourites extended life vegetable oil 20ml
Everyday Favourites individually quick frozen whole green beans 200g
Broccoli 200g
Everyday Favourites choice peas 200g
Everyday Favourites Edamame soya beans 200g
Write Rocket leaf salad 100g
Triple Lion green lentils 250g
Chef William pumpkin seeds 100g
Everyday Favourites honey & mustard dressing 100ml


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°c. Place the potatoes on an oven proof tray and roast them until they’re nice and tender, before allowing them to cool.
  2. Chargrill or roast the broccoli until it’s also tender, and allow this to cool
  3. Neatly layer the potatoes, beans, peas and rocket and seeds in a bowl
  4. Top with the broccoli and lentils to finish, and drizzle over with dressing
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