by Candice Caddell

5 top tips when transitioning from summer to autumn menus

5 top tips when transitioning from summer to autumn menus
Autumn starts on the 1st September and preparing your establishment for seasonal changes might seem like a daunting task but we’re here to help! We’ve put together the below tips to help make it easier when transitioning from a summer to autumn menu.


Tip 1: Gentle goodbye to summer


summer to autumn menu


Ease into autumn nice and slow by introducing one new dish or recipe to each section of your menu or bar menu. Take a look at our hearty new dessert recipe for some indulgent inspiration.


Tip 2: Easy produce swaps


fresh produce


Just like the seasons, there will always be produce changes too. If you have favourable mains already on the menu, simply incorporating seasonal vegetables as a side dish can be one of the easiest swaps to make.

Check out our salted caramel braised parsnips recipe for the perfect seasonal side.


Tip 3: One pot meals


one pot meals


Hearty one pot meals are easy to cook and packed full of flavour, plus they save plenty of time in the kitchen and are a wholesome seasonal favourite for any menu!

Whether it is a hot-pot or casserole – we’ve got the ideal range. Try our Farmstead beef braising steak 20330, perfect for slow-cooking!


Tip 4: Fall in love with autumn



Customers want to intake the experience of everything autumn has to offer, so be sure to capitalise during this period. Bring to life the warmth of your dishes, flavours and colours by adding the theme of autumn within your menu and establishment!


Tip 5: Bar



Update your syrups, shrubs and garnishes. Still have some summer fruits to use? Rather than letting them go to waste, caramelise them and you’ll add smoke, sweetness, and vibrant layers of flavours and flair to any beverage!

Or get into the spirit with Unity’s devilish cocktail recipe here.


So there you have it, 5 short and sweet tips when transitioning from your summer to autumn menu! Don’t forget to embrace the change of seasons and make the most of the period before Christmas!

If you’re not ready to let go of summer just yet – you can still check out the Celebrate Summer homepage for more summer recipes, insights, inspiration!

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