by Tony Hackley at Yarde Farm

Top tips for a successful ice cream season

Top tips for a successful ice cream season

Well, the ice cream season is here! It may not feel like it yet with this British weather, but come rain or shine people will be looking for ice cream this summer and the team at Yarde Farm have put together some top tips and questions to ask yourself to help you plan for a successful summer season.

1. Have you reviewed how your business looks to your customers?

Do you need to update your point of sale signage? Have you organised you freezer so that people can look at the flavours whilst in the queue to minimise wait times?
Are people aware of your whole offering e.g. locally made cakes, coffee and teas etc

2. Is your social media ready to go?

Are you regularly talking to your followers and customers? Make sure you are communicating your opening times and what you are offering regularly. Plan a schedule of posts that are consistent i.e. once a week/twice a week and make sure you are posting on the right platforms for your following.
Have you got a local Facebook group that you are able to post about your business to make sure you are communicating with the local community.
Here are some tips from our Social Media Manager on how to rock your social media game.

3. Have you got new flavours to excite your customers?

It’s always good to have a mixture of flavours popular with kids and more adult-friendly flavours. Also make sure you save space for sorbets and plant based-options! Make sure you speak to your ice cream supplier for the new range for the year and discuss volumes with them to help you plan for growth.
Here are some exciting new flavours from Yarde Farm we love.

4. Be different from your local competition

Ask yourself a couple of key questions; what part of my business differentiates me from my competitor? Is my pricing right compared to my local competition? Have you thought about the types of flavours your competitors are offering vs yourself?
Are there more intriguing or exciting new flavours you could add to your business to entice consumers to you? Could you make sure you offer doggy ice cream to ensure all the dog walkers come your way?
A good way of standing out from the crowd is by tapping into the latest trends. Check out the top 5 ice cream trends for 2024 here.

5. Pray for sunny weather…

shine? A good coffee offering is always a good idea. Make sure your machinery is ready to go and your menu is up to date.
If you want coffee training for your team make sure you speak to your supplier to see what support there is available. Check out these 5 considerations when setting up your coffee concept.

And there we are! 5 tips for a successful ice cream season. If you’re looking to explore your ice cream options make sure you check out Yarde Farm, hand-crafted ice cream made down in Plymouth Devon.

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