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Keep your customers coming back this summer by backing winning categories. Ribs grew 40% on menus in 2023! (Lumina Intelligence: Menu Tracker  21/01/2024) Don’t miss out on the opportunity and maximise your menu.

Big Al’s takes the stress and complexity away, gifting you more time to be able to THINK BIG.

THINK BIG when it comes to quality, taste, time saving, waste saving, future menus and ultimately profit.

Big Al’s Fully Cooked BBQ Pork Ribsteak

Code: 68160

Big Al’s Fully Cooked BBQ Ribsteaks bring flame cooked flavours to your customers without the need for an open flame. These BBQ Pork Ribsteaks are made with 85% British and Irish Pork, fully traceable to the farm of origin. Perfect for single or batch cooking, just heat in an oven or microwave in minutes. Each Ribsteak is consistent in size and flavour, this allows real ease of service and customer satisfaction every time.

Big Al’s Fully Cooked Sausage Patty

Code: 62119

A convenient offering, that tastes great and is easy to prepare. These patties are made from premium British and Irish pork, flame-grilled, and seasoned for best-tasting flavour. Cooks in just minutes in an oven or microwave, perfect as a breakfast muffin for customers to grab on-the-go.

Fully cooked

Reduced food waste. Boost profits.

Speedy of service

Minimal skilled staff required

No special equipment needed

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Big Al's Flame Cooked 2oz Beef Burger

Bidfood code: 67947

Big Al's Flame Cooked Quarter Pounder

Bidfood code: 69134

Big Al's Flame Cooked Big Eat 6oz

Bidfood code: 68530

Big Al's Flame Cooked Sausage Patties

Bidfood code: 62119

Big Al's Flame Cooked BBQ Rib Steak

Bidfood code: 68160

Big Al's Cooked Mesquite Chicken Wings

Bidfood code: 96630

Big Al's Lightly Coated Chicken Wings

Bidfood code: 16446

Big Al's Pulled Pork Sandwich Filler

Bidfood code: 70415

Big Al's Italian Twist Pizza Pepperoni

Bidfood code: 74355

Big Al's Italian Twist Pizza Margherita

Bidfood code: 74354

Big Al's Gourmet Hot Dog

Bidfood code: 74364

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