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Make the most out of summer and Score Big with Big Al’s Flame Cooked 2oz Burgers

Sport fans are vital to the out of home market, did you know they spend more time and money per visit during special sporting occasions? (Sky Business & CGA, 2023). So make the most of it. The UK public want to seize the summer (all 3 hours of it) which is where Big Al’s comes to the rescue.

Picture this: the sun kissing your skin, the sound of cheers filling the air, and the tantalizing aroma of BBQ wafting through the air. Well, all that’s achievable with Big Al’s Flame cooked 2oz Burger. The magic of summer football was made to be enjoyed with the full flavour of authentically flame cooked beef.

Made with 85% British and Irish Beef and fully traceable to the farm of origin these frozen burgers are perfect for single or batch cooking, just heat in an oven, high speed oven or microwave in minutes. Each patty is consistent in size and flavour, this allows real ease of service and customer satisfaction every time.

The ‘It’s Coming Home’ Burger

Code: 67947

Elevate the match day experience and give your customers a chance to support their team with the ‘its coming home’ burger. Designed by Big Al’s expert culinary team it includes nods to English culture like red onion chutney, crumbled stilton and the ultimate catalyst for any argument – what do you call a bun near you is it a barm cake, a bap, a cob?

Get the recipe here

The ‘Highland Haggis Stack’ Burger

Code: 67947

Big Al’s culinary team couldn’t forget about the Tartan Army upstairs and so they created the ‘Highland Haggis stack’. A burger that is sinfully Scottish that includes haggis, Orkney cheddar and, of course, something fried. Give your customers an opportunity to dust off their kilt and enjoy the bagpipes.

Get the recipe here

Fully cooked

Reduced food waste. Boost profits.

Speedy of service

Minimal skilled staff required

No special equipment needed

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We do the hard work so you don’t have to!



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