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More than half of British tourists (53%) said exploring the British Isles was their favourite type of holiday, while 47% said they preferred camping in the UK over a package break in warmer climates.*
The opportunity to cater and grow your business is now better than ever. We’re here to help you build the offer that will keep your customers coming back for more.
*Source; Daily Mail, 2018

Channel insights

With a vast number of consumer trends appearing we know it is difficult to pin point which of these trends is important for you. We have a vast amount of channel information and the expertise to help you pull out the key trends for your business.

Trends to consider


Better me

Healthy foods are all the rage at the moment with the younger generations leading the march on creating a better persona. Healthy waters, low sugar snacks and high protein hits continue to grow! Check out our simply better guide below for a good breakdown of what is hot in health.

Mintel Attitudes toward healthy Eating – UK – February 2018



Veganism has exploded onto our plates driven by environmental concerns, a rise in conscientious eating and more consideration for our health and wellbeing. The Vegan Society found there were 600,000 vegans in Great Britain in 2018, or 1.16% of the population that is growing every year!

The Vegan Society 2018


British with a twist

Sentimental British foods are back with a twist, from Yorkshire pudding wraps to alcoholic mixes and gamey pies. Brexit has also encouraged consumers to go back in time to British comfort food. Good quality British dishes, locally sourced produce and organic products are key motivators in the current environment.

The Food People, 2018

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The food on the go market is a huge opportunity with 22% of consumers opting to order a takeaway once a week rather than eat in a restaurant.* As a travel & leisure outlet wanting to tap into this market, it’s important to be informed when deciding on food packaging. Customers are looking for food freshness, quality and consistency so the packaging designs need to be fit for purpose. Have a look at our Food2Go catalogue for more information! *Mintel Eating Out – The Decision Making Process 2018

Managing allergens

A study by the Food Standards Agency revealed that 6 out of 10 young people (aged between 16-24) with an allergy or intolerance avoided eating out in the past 6 months because they feared what was in their meals. *Food Standards Agency, 2018

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