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More than half of British tourists (53%) said exploring the British Isles was their favourite type of holiday, while 47% said they preferred camping in the UK over a package break in warmer climates.*
The opportunity to cater and grow your business is now better than ever. We’re here to help you build the offer that will keep your customers coming back for more.
*Source; Daily Mail, 2018

Channel insights

With a vast number of consumer trends appearing we know it is difficult to pin point which of these trends is important for you. We have a vast amount of channel information and the expertise to help you pull out the key trends for your business.


Trends to consider


Better me

Healthy foods are all the rage at the moment with the younger generations leading the march on creating a better persona. Healthy waters, low sugar snacks and high protein hits continue to grow! Check out our simply better guide below for a good breakdown of what is hot in health.

Mintel Attitudes toward healthy Eating – UK – February 2018



Veganism has exploded onto our plates driven by environmental concerns, a rise in conscientious eating and more consideration for our health and wellbeing. A study by the Vegan Society and Vegan Life Magazine has shown that over 1% of the 15 years old and over UK population adopt a vegan lifestyle.

BordBia 2017


British with a twist

Sentimental British foods are back with a twist, from Yorkshire pudding sandwiches to alcoholic mixes to childhood favourites. Brexit has also encouraged consumers to go back in time to British comfort food. 32% of diners are interested in smaller portions of classic British dishes.

Mintel Eating Out Eating Out – The Decision Making Process – UK – July 2017

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The demand for take away food from our favourite restaurants is increasing and inevitably fuelling a delivery boom that has ballooned to £6.1bn from £5.5bn in 2015.* As a travel & leisure outlet wanting to tap into this market, it’s important to be informed when deciding on food packaging. Customers are looking for food freshness, quality and consistency so the packaging designs need to be fit for purpose. Have a look at our Food2Go catalogue for more information!
*The Telegraph 2017


Managing allergens

Half of Brits avoid, or have a household member who avoids one or more types of foods or ingredients.*
Our team of experts at the Bidfood Advice Centre are available for all your units to answer any question about our products.
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*Mintel, Free-from foods, UK, Dec 2016

The right range for you

Alongside offering award winning own brand products, we work closely with our branded suppliers to offer you choice as well as access to the best products and knowledge in travel & leisure catering.

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