Date posted: 06/05/2020

Supporting NHS heroes mental wellbeing during Covid-19 with launch of Bidfood’s √Self guide

With more than half of frontline NHS workers unable to cope with stress brought on by coronavirus[1], one of the UK’s leading foodservice providers, Bidfood, supplying NHS sites up and down the country, has designed ‘The Square Root of Self’, to support key workers during this unprecedented crisis. The mental wellness guide aims to delve deep into the heart of the issue by engaging with hospitals and care homes across the UK to support those critical keyworkers mental wellbeing at such a challenging and worrying time. Named to reflect getting to the root of mental wellbeing in the NHS, the premise of the guide is to bring to life the importance of food and the vital part it plays in our overall mental wellness. The bespoke guide provides expert insight, mouth-watering wellness recipes created by their chef development team, as well as top tips on how to stay energised during a long shift. To ensure the recipes meet the needs of this campaign, Bidfood has partnered with Christine Bailey, an award winning nutritional therapist and chef. Recognising that what we eat and drink can really have an intense effect on our emotions, consistently affecting how we feel, think and behave on a daily basis, there is advice from Christine that covers three key areas of nutritional support for boosting mental wellbeing and keeping energy levels up; healthy fats, protein and ditching sugar and processed food. Tasty dish ideas include vibrant and healthy lunches such as Spanish tortilla or a griddled chipotle chicken and kale salad, as well as a variety of tempting breakfast options packed full of goodness, such as a berry yoghurt pot, or if you’re on the go, why not try a green smoothie. David King, Sector Marketing Manager for Hospitals said: “These are such unprecedented times and the wellbeing of the nation, in particular our key workers including doctors, nurses and care workers, has never been so important. “We wanted to offer a guide that can support them with their mental wellness, offer hints and tips to stay energised, well fed and hydrated in a time where they need it most. We hope that they find this helpful and insightful and want to thank them for their continued service during this difficult time.” Commenting on the campaign, Philip Shelley, Chair of NHS Food Review said: “The √Self guide for the NHS is superb. Not only does this offer suitable support on areas of pressure and how to overcome them, but the advice and recipes from Christine Bailey are really going to captivate colleagues. “Understanding your own wellbeing is vital in maximising good health and performance. Having the capability as leaders to support others through physical and mental health challenges must not be compromised if we are truly to be the NHS that gives us so much pride.” For more information, please visit:  
[1] ITV News Survey 2020
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