The back to school checklist

We realise it is an immensely challenging time for you and we fully appreciate the sheer number of changes schools are having to make in order to keep both staff and children safe.

We’ve used the checklist created by the School Food Plan Alliance and added our own guidance that focusses on supporting you plan your food offer and helps you create and maintain a safe environment to feed your staff and children. We’ve also added our own product suggestions to the checklist to support you stock up on the essential lines that will help you on your return!

To view the original checklist from the School Food Plan Alliance click here.

Planning the food offer

Planning the type of food offer you’re going to return with is crucial and keeping it simple is what we’d recommend. We have a large range of school compliant products and are here to help you plan the menus to return with. Whether you are only able to offer sandwiches are you have the capabilities to run a hot food offer there are solutions for all.

The schools lunch pack

The situation around children returning to school is still to be firmly pinned down. Include the children who are on a phased return that would usually receive free school meals by creating lunch packs for them. We’ve put together a list of essentials products for you to order and create low cost lunch packs for your pupils.

Creating a safe environment

Making sure your staff, children and the children’s parents feel safe about eating your food is really important. Helping them feel comfortable by introducing and communicating the new measures you have in place to do with social distancing, personal hygiene and of course food hygiene is crucial. The checklist talks through the various areas to focus on like the deep clean, the new layout of your canteen and the hygiene practices to implement in your kitchen.

View the full checklist here!




This checklist has been created by the School Food Plan Alliance to provide schools and relevant stakeholders with  practical guidance. It does not replace or supersede government guidance or relevant laws or regulations. This checklist should be used alongside relevant legal and compliance policies and procedures, and Bidfood disclaims all liability for any loss or damage that may be suffered or incurred as a result of any reliance on this checklist.

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