March 21, 2022

Talking about the new calorie labelling regulations

Talking about the new calorie labelling regulations

Having only just got to grips with Natasha’s Law, food businesses and caterers are now faced with another piece of legislation, Calorie labelling for the out of home sector. When implemented on 6th April 2022, it will mean that it will become mandatory in England to share accurate calorie information on food and drink at the point of choice, for larger operators with over 250 employees.

Calorie labelling is being introduced to help consumers make informed and healthier choices when eating and drinking in the out of home sector. This requirement to display calorie information also aims to encourage reformulation, with businesses providing lower calorie options for their customers.

To breakdown the new legislation into simpler terms, we’re joined by Samantha Mollart, Nutrition and Allergens Manager at Bidfood as well as Natalie Bance, Bidfood’s Senior PR & External Communications Manager.

We go on to discuss which businesses fall in and out of scope and how those in scope can prepare and be ready for calorie labelling. We also gauge how the industry is feeling towards the legislation and the hurdles they face as the introduction date in April looms upon the foodservice industry.

To help make your life easier when preparing for this, we also go through all of Bidfood’s fantastic support tools for customers we have available.

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