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Build your vegan menu today with V Kitchen. We’re on a mission to help make vegan catering simple, easy and, of course, tasty. We’ve begun by launching delicious vegan pastry products and key ingredients for vegan cooking and we’ll continue to build on this using the most up-to-date insights and trends to guide us. Keep coming back to find out what more we launch into our ever growing kitchen. This is just the beginning…

V Kitchen plant-based sausage roll

A delicious savoury pastry snack, perfect to have in or on the go! This is the perfect plant-based alternative to a highly popular dish and consists of a seasoned soya based protein wrapped in a puff pastry.

V Kitchen plant-based buffet sausage roll

No buffet is complete without a sausage roll and our V Kitchen, plant-based sausage roll is a delicious meat alternative! A savoury pastry snack with seasoned soya based protein wrapped in a puff pastry.

V Kitchen plant-based pasty

A seasoned minced soya protein, which includes vegetables such as swede, carrots and peas that are then enveloped in a crisp puff pastry. Perfect for an on-the-go hot treat!

V Kitchen jackfruit in brine

A versatile fruit, that can absorb all flavours! It has a meaty texture and is the perfect meat free alternative for any centre of the plate dishes. See below some incredible recipes we’ve created to showcase just how versatile this product is.

Our full range of vegetarian, vegan and plant-based products

For more inspiration, products and meat free insights, head over to The Meat Free Space.

Whether you are looking for the right ingredients to make delicious meat free recipes or something ready-to-cook to help you save time, we’ve got the range to support your menus.

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