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Mild and mature Cheddar are British favourites

With its firm texture, sunshine yellow colour and distinctive, melt-in-the-mouth full flavour, it’s not surprising that Cheddar is easily Britain’s most popular cheese. But what makes Cheddar such a standout favourite is its exceptional versatility.


Cheddar is totally at home on a classic cheeseboard, in a ploughman’s lunch or as a mainstay sandwich filling. But it’s also happy starring in a salad, melted into a sauce, or adding its wonderful flavour to a freshly made dip. Sliced, diced or grated, you’ll find Cheddar on pizzas, in pasta dishes, and enriching the taste of breads, pies, pasties and a whole range of other baked goods. Explore below to find out about the products we stock.


Extra mature Cheddar – the benefits

Our Everyday Favourites extra mature Cheddar delivers all the same qualities, versatility and functionality as our mild and mature Cheddars, but with the extra sharpness and fuller flavour that characterises one of the world’s favourite cheeses.


Like its milder counterparts, our extra mature Cheddar has excellent melting properties, making it an ideal ingredient in countless hot dishes. And this is where it truly comes into its own because the extra depth of flavour means you can use less cheese in a dish…without sacrificing any of the meal appeal. Fantastic flavour…from less cheese…for lower cost. Delicious!


Our extra mature cheese

Everyday Favourites extra mature white Cheddar cheese 1 x 2.44kg (02654)


Grated and sliced cheese – we’ve done the hard work for you

Our Everyday Favourites grated mozzarella and mozzarella & mild Cheddar mix are perfect for making pizzas, lasagnes, sandwiches, salads, paninis, breads, bakery goods, and countless other hot-eat applications. With a rich, creamy flavour, they have excellent texture, offer optimum coverage and stretch, and deliver an outstanding cooked appearance.


They are also made using a special shredding process that gives consistent results for an even, generous and homogenous melt…every time.


Our sliced cheeses are all ready for making burgers, baguettes, sandwiches or using in a continental breakfast.


Trust the Tractor

Our range of Everyday Favourites cheeses includes block, grated and sliced and within this range all of our block and grated Cheddar cheese is Red Tractor certified. But what is Red Tractor certification? Red Tractor was established in 2000 and has grown to become the largest food standards scheme in the UK, covering animal welfare, food safety, traceability and environmental protection.


Red Tractor work with people at all stages of the food chain to ensure food complies with the Red Tractor standards. This includes farmers, retailers and packers, through to environmental and animal health and welfare groups. The Red Tractor logo is a mark of quality food you can trust, and their systems ensure that all food can be traced right back to the original British farms.


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