Reasons to celebrate this summer

Looking for more reasons than lockdown easing to celebrate this summer?

Here’s a list of all the dates for summer you could tap into! There’s plenty of food awareness days, fun foodie national dates and sporting events happening in 2021 to keep your calendar relevant and fully packed and customers happy.

  • June 2021

  • 3rd June

    National Fish and Chip Day

  • 11th June

    World Gin Day

  • 15th June

    National Beer Day

  • 18th June

    International Sushi Day

  • 19th – 27th June

    English Wine Week

  • July 2021

  • 2nd – 11th July

    National BBQ Week

  • 7th July

    World Chocolate Day

  • August

  • 6th August

    International Beer Day

  • 10th – 15th August

    Afternoon Tea Week

  • 13th August

    National Prosecco Day

  • 16th August

    National Rum Day

  • 26th August

    National Burger Day

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