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At Bidfood we understand how important calendar events are to caterers. Big calendar events bring people together and when they’re together they’re going to want to eat! Take full advantage of these occasions and check out our latest caterer’s calendar events in this section and find help with menu ideas, maximising portion control, minimising waste and many more great tips to make the most of seasonal periods.


Would you consider going Vegan for a whole month? “Veganuary” is a registered charity which inspires and encourages people to try going Vegan for the month of January and for the rest of the year ahead! With the number of Vegans expected to rise by a staggering 360% over the next 10 years*, kick off the New Year by jumping on the “Veguanary” bandwagon! Why not tempt in all of that passing trade by rustling up a vegan-inspired menu? Whether you are a restaurant, coffee shop or university, we’ve got your whole menu covered with our range of on-trend products. These include vegan snacks like our Frys Vegan hotdogs and chia nuggets, along with main meal options including our gluten free vegan Penang curry, and don’t forget to round off your menus on a sweet note with our pre-portioned vegan treacle & apple pre-portioned tart. Don’t forget to tweet your Veganuary photos to us by tagging @BidfoodUK and @WeAreVeganuary with the hashtag #Veganuary

Check out our vegan theme day poster here – ideal for Veganuary!

*The Vegan Society

Dry January

Did you know the average household spends £50,000 on alcohol over their lifetime*? All in all it’s a great excuse to kick off dry January – the time of year where customers aim to give booze the boot! We’ve got you covered with our selection of ViVAS premium soft drinks and sparkling beverages to satisfy all of those customers craving a selection of non-alcoholic options, including Fentimans, Frobishers and Nix & Kix. Looking for more inspiration? Have a go at our mocktail recipes from Franklin & Son’s including cranberry cola and frozenberry – both perfect menu options for up-selling and increasing profits no matter what type of outlet you are.

*“Households spend £50,000 on booze over a lifetime”, The Times, Feb 2017.


For those customers not partaking in Dry January there’s always Ginuary! After all, does anyone need an excuse to indulge in a gin & tonic? Bang on trend and constantly evolving, the gin market is the drink du jour with sales of spirits exceeding £1 billion for the first time in sales last year in the UK*. With 1000s of different G+T combinations, why not create your very own Ginuary menu with our wide selection of fantastic boutique gins right through to larger mainstream brands like Gordons, Beefeater and Hendricks. Feeling adventurous? Have a go at creating our Tanqueray vesper martini – an ideal menu addition for any restaurant or bar.

*”The year of gin! Spirit enjoys record sales as drinking habits change”, The Guardian, December 2016

National Pizza Week 14th – 20th January 

Did you know Pizza is the UK’s 3rd favourite takeaway option? Add some pizzazz to your menu for National Pizza Week by getting in on the action with our brand new Pizza guide! Filled to the brim with everything you need, we’re here to give you the tools and product ranges to grab a hearty slice of the action no matter what sector you may operate in! Our handy guide has got you covered with scratch cooking ingredients to ready to cook products, plus takeaway and eat in options and our range of kitchen essentials. Feeling inspired? Have a go at our pizza recipes including this gluten-free Vegetable Pizza recipe and or crank up the heat with this Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza

For our full range of pizza products including a selection of well-known brands check out our online shop.

*Paymentsense survey 2017

Burn’s Night 25th January

Burn’s night or Robbie Burn’s Day is celebrated on the 25th January every year and is dedicated to commemorating the life and works of Scottish poet Robert Burns. Celebrations take place throughout Scotland and a key part of the festivities is making sure a selection of traditional Scottish food is on offer, including cock-a-leekie soup, haggis, neeps and tatties! For even more inspiration on what to do this Burn’s night why not make the most of the day by rustling up your very own Scottish-inspired menu with our dedicated ‘Simply Scottish’ guide filled to the rafters with everything you need. In the meantime why not have a go at our haggis burger recipe or our Wild Highland venison stew with Loch Ness dark ale!

International Chocolate Cake Day 27th January

International Chocolate Day has arrived and it’s the perfect opportunity to add a touch of indulgence to your Saturday menu no matter what type of outlet you are! Whether you’re a café based in central London or a care home on the coast, why not create your very own chocolate-inspired afternoon tea theme menu to by taking a look at our selection of rich, moist and luxurious chocolate cakes! No matter your budget, we’ve got you covered with a wide selection of frozen and pre-cut Bidfood own brand and branded cake offerings – including our decadent Everyday Favourites Alabama chocolate fudge cake, Premium Selection tall chocolate rocky mountain cake and the Handmade Cake Co. chocolate cake. Take a look on our online ordering site to choose from our full range of cakes, including Fairtrade, gluten-free and lactose-free options to suit every customer!

British Yorkshire Pudding Day 5th February

Ah, the trusty Yorkshire pud! A hearty staple celebrated on the 5th February each year. Although its roots stand firmly in the historic county of Yorkshire in Northern England, it’s safe to say that the Yorkshire pudding has indeed become a national treasure in itself. Did you know it used to be served before the main meal to feed hungry bellies so less meat was eaten? Thankfully that’s not the case anymore, allowing us Brits to devour these delightful delicacies in great abundance!

Traditionally teamed with roast beef, the Yorkshire pud is a key part of the roast dinner and is just as popular alongside favourites like chicken, turkey and pork. You can also easily accommodate those with dietary requirements too with our Farmstead beef topside with Knorr gravy and gluten-free yorkshire puddings.

Shrove Tuesday 13th February

Shrove Tuesday or “Pancake Day” is celebrated immediately before the start of Lent which this year falls on Wednesday 14th February. Traditionally made to use up any leftover butter, milk and eggs in the house – these days we all love an excuse for a pancake so make the most of it on your menu!

Whether you’re cooking from scratch or prefer to go ready-made, Pancake Day offers a chance to flip up a storm! From the savoury indulgence of spinach and stilton to the sweet pairing of fruity blackberry and apple there are plenty of great flavours to play with. Failing that there’s always the popular pairing of lemon & sugar!

Take a look at our online shop for all of those store cupboard essentials.


Valentine’s Day 14th February

It’s that time of year again when love is most definitely in the air…Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to put together a set three-course menu aimed at couples looking for romance. They get the benefit of an attractive all-in price for their meal, whilst making things smoother for you in your kitchen with a fixed cost for preparing. Make sure your set-menu appeals to everyone by providing a fish, vegetarian options and not forgetting a nice juicy steak from our Farmstead range, including fillet, sirloin and rib-eye to name a few, served with scrumptious sides that your customers will love. Don’t forget to round off the menu with a range of indulgent desserts from our Premium Selection range plus a selection of ViVAS wines and spirits. Feeling inspired? Get started with our Posh Steak and Chips recipe.

Chinese New Year 16th February

Chinese New Year falls on Friday 16th  February this year & marks the start of the ‘Year of the Dog’ according to the Chinese Zodiac. Celebrations kick off on “New Year’s Eve” on the 15th and are running until the 21st, giving you the ideal chance to lure customers in from their January hibernation.

Families traditionally swap gifts, share “lucky” red envelopes and most importantly, eat “reunion dinner” on New Year’s Eve with close family & friends. Join in with the celebrations and create your very own Chinese-themed menu by including traditional dishes like Chinese dumplings, or stir-fry chicken, beef or white fish in a hot wok, adding fresh vegetables and either a hoi-sin, Szechuan or black bean sauce. Serve with rice or noodles to create your very own authentic set of dishes in a flash. For even more authenticity place fish at the top of the menu to bring good luck in the year ahead! Check out our New4You Inspired by Oriental burst edition which is crammed full of recipes and fantastic product suggestions for your Chinese New Year menus.

National Dairy Week 22nd – 28th February

Calling all the dairy lovers out there – if you were to include your favourite cheese on your menu what would it be? From creamy mozzarella to punchy stilton and parmesan, we can’t quite decide between one or the udder! Not always perceived as healthy, National Dairy Week is here to highlight the health & nutritional benefits of eating dairy. Feeling peckish? Keep your customers’ content with a number of dairy-fuelled ideas from breakfast yoghurts to cheese soufflés and cheesecake, not forgetting accompaniments like ice cream, cream and custard as extra menu items. Here’s to building even stronger bones and teeth!

Real Bread Week February 24th Feb – 4th  March

Real bread week is an annual international celebration focussed around real bread and the people who make it happen. Whether you go wild for traditional white sliced bread, simply barmy for sourdough or crazy for ciabatta, there really is a type of bread to suit every customer! No matter what type of industry you work in, it’s easy to get on board with Real Bread Week with our brand new range of artisan, Premium Selection breads including cranberry, sunflower and pumpkin bloomer, honey & spelt boule and our trio of olive pavé to name but a few. Why not make the most of real bread week and bring some added value to your offering with your very own dough-filled menu. Take a look at our brand new New4You for more inspiration on our speciality breads.

Fairtrade Fortnight February 26th Feb – 11th March

Fairtrade fortnight is all about showing support for all of the farmers, workers and organisations who produce Fairtrade certified products in the developing world. Fairtrade products come from a variety of sources and can include everything from confectionary and cakes to sugar, coffee, tea and alcohol. This year we’re focussing on the coffee industry which relies on small-scale producers across a staggering 28 countries! More than 580,000 small-scale coffee farmers are part of Fairtrade, with around 80% of the world’s coffee being produced by 25 million smallholders, each with less than 10 hectares of land.*

Why not get involved with Fairtrade Fortnight by filling up on current range of Fairtrade certified Black + White Coffee Co. below:


  • Black + White Coffee Co. Fairtrade medium roast coffee beans 1kg (86666)
  • Black + White Coffee Co. Fairtrade medium roast filter coffee 60g (86729)
  • Black + White Coffee Co. Fairtrade medium roast filter coffee 200g (60712)

We’ve also launched two brand new additions to our Black White Coffee Co. family below which are also perfect for celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight:


  • Black + White Coffee Co. Fairtrade freeze dried coffee 10x300g (53479)
  • Black + White Coffee Co. Fairtrade hot chocolate 10x1kg (60747)

In the meantime don’t forget to order your free Black + White samples here today! For our full list of Fairtrade items make your way over to our online shop.

You can also find the full selection of Fairtrade print and digital resources on the official website here to help you spread the word about all things Fairtrade.

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