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Ice Cream Month


As we welcome the scorching summer sun, what better way to cool off than with everyone’s favourite frozen treat? With a whole month dedicated to ice cream our Yarde Farm range has got you covered, offering over 40 flavours to ensure you never run out of options to scoop up and serve your customers.

Hot Dog Day

21st July

Who knew there were so many options when it comes to a sausage in a bun!? Whilst the classic hot dog with ketchup, mustard and onions is still a menu favourite, switch things up this July and try out our Teriyaki glazed hot dog, Asian slaw hot dog and Tex Mex hot dog for an exciting twist which is sure to make any customers mouth water.

International Beer Day

6th August

We have a brilliant selection of fantastic beers, ales, stouts and lagers to make sure every punter can enjoy their favourite pint. Check out our Unity beer page for inspiration on product choice, sales tools and more! Beer doesn’t stop at just a drinks offering, add options to your menus for some great summer dishes such as:


Afternoon Tea Week

9th to 15th August

A week-long celebration of everyone’s favourite British tradition- afternoon tea! We have a fantastic selection of recipes available here for you to choose from. Serve alongside a lovely cuppa and treat your customers to sweet treats such as scones, brownies and cakes to enjoy in the August sunshine. Take a look at our Celebrate Summer afternoon tea campaign for more inspiration here.

National Prosecco Day

13th August

A national celebration for the popular sparkling white wine. Celebrate National Prosecco Day by ensuring you have a selection of bubbles on your drinks menu, click order online at the top of the page to choose your favourites from our great range. Why not think outside the box and offer Prosecco jellies with mulled fruits for a sparkling dessert twist.

National Potato Day

19th August

Peeled, boiled, mashed, fried or sautéed? Celebrate the versatile spud this National Potato Day by offering up some delicious tater options for your customers to enjoy. Try our yummy Super green sweet potato salad, perfect for summer! We’d also recommend our Cheesy potato, mushroom, spinach and egg bits hotbox, a great takeaway option and you just can’t go wrong with the staple Baked potato with honey and mustard filling.

National Burger Day

26th August

The must have staple on any food menu, our Celebrate Summer build a burger campaign covers all elements from buns, toppers and meat free options so you can rest assured we have everything you need to serve up a brilliant burger. Take a look at our Farmstead Steak & Burger guide for details on our quality NEW burger range.

At Bidfood we understand how important calendar events are to caterers. Big calendar events bring people together and when they’re together they’re going to want to eat! Take full advantage of these occasions and check out our latest caterer’s calendar events in this section and find help with menu ideas, maximising portion control, minimising waste and many more great tips to make the most of seasonal periods. 

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