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At Bidfood we understand how important calendar events are to caterers. Big calendar events bring people together and when they’re together they’re going to want to eat! Take full advantage of these occasions and check out our latest caterer’s calendar events in this section and find help with menu ideas, maximising portion control, minimising waste and many more great tips to make the most of seasonal periods.

Chinese New Year – February 5th – 19th 

Chinese New Year falls on Tuesday 5th  Feb this year & marks the start of the ‘Year of the Pig’ according to the Chinese Zodiac. Celebrations run for two weeks until the 19th, giving you the ideal chance to lure customers in during the freezing cold month of February.

Families traditionally swap gifts, share “lucky” red envelopes and most importantly, eat “reunion dinner” with close family and friends. Why not join in with the celebrations and create your very own Chinese-themed menu with traditional dishes like Chinese dumplings, stir-fry chicken, beef, white fish, fresh vegetables and either a hoi-sin, Szechuan or black bean sauce. Flash fry in a hot wok and serve with rice or noodles to create your very own authentic set of dishes. Looking for even more inspiration? Take a look at our New4You Inspired by Oriental burst feature which is crammed full of recipes and fantastic product suggestions for your Chinese New Year menus.


You can also get in on the action for Chinese New Year with our empty belly posters and recipe ideas here.

Real Bread Week – February 23rd – March 3rd

Real Bread Week is an annual international celebration focussed around real bread and the people who make it happen. Whether you go wild for traditional white sliced bread, simply barmy for sourdough or crazy for ciabatta, there really is a type of bread to suit every customer! No matter what type of industry you work in, it’s easy to get on board with Real Bread Week with our brand new range of artisan, Premium Selection breads including cranberry, sunflower and pumpkin bloomer, honey and spelt boule and our trio of olive pavé to name but a few. Why not make the most of Real Bread Week and bring some added value to your offering with your very own dough-filled menu. For even more inspiration, Click ‘order online’ to take a look at our full range of speciality breads.

Fairtrade Fortnight – February 25th – 10th March

Fairtrade Fortnight is all about showing support for all of the farmers, workers and organisations who produce Fairtrade certified products in the developing world. Fairtrade products come from a variety of sources and can include everything from confectionary and cakes to sugar, coffee, tea and alcohol. This year we’re focussing on the coffee industry which relies on small-scale producers across a staggering 28 countries! More than 580,000 small-scale coffee farmers are part of Fairtrade, with around 80% of the world’s coffee being produced by 25 million smallholders, each with less than 10 hectares of land.*

Why not get involved with Fairtrade Fortnight by filling up on our range of Fairtrade certified Black + White Coffee Co. below:

  • Black + White Coffee Co. Fairtrade medium roast coffee beans 1kg (86666)
  • Black + White Coffee Co. Fairtrade medium roast filter coffee 60g (86729)
  • Black + White Coffee Co. Fairtrade medium roast filter coffee 200g (60712)

New for 2019! Our Black + White range now includes Fairtrade freeze dried instant coffee 10 x 300g (53479) and Fairtrade hot chocolate 10 x 1kg (60747). In the meantime don’t forget to order your free Black + White samples here today! Click ‘order online’ to place your order now for our full list of Fairtrade items..


For even more Fairtrade Fortnight inspiration take a look at our empty belly poster here.



Shrove Tuesday – March 5th 

Shrove Tuesday or “Pancake Day” is celebrated immediately before the start of Lent and this year falls on Tuesday 5th March. Traditionally celebrated to use up any leftover butter, milk and eggs in the house – these days we all love an excuse for a pancake so make the most of it on your menu!

Whether you’re cooking from scratch or prefer to go ready-made, Pancake Day offers a chance to flip up a storm! A firm favourite in American cuisine, we’ve got you covered with our New4You Inspired by Real American breakfast options including buttermilk pancakes, savoury Farmstead streaky bacon topped sweet pancakes and sweet pairings like fruity blackberry and apple.


Take a look at our Shrove Tuesday empty belly posters and recipes here.

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