Caterer’s calendar

Caterer's calendar

At Bidfood we understand how important calendar events are to caterers. Big calendar events bring people together and when they’re together they’re going to want to eat! Take full advantage of these occasions and check out our latest caterer’s calendar events in this section and find help with menu ideas, maximising portion control, minimising waste and many more great tips to make the most of seasonal periods.

National Vegetarian Week 15-21 May

National Vegetarian Week 2017 runs from 15-21 May, and it’s all about encouraging consumers and customers to go veggie for the week and enjoy delicious, exciting food. Bidfood has loads of mouth-watering recipes to try such as our goat’s cheese tart, Welsh rarebit and mushroom and onion loaf.

The natural ingredients found in vegetarian food is also one of our focus trends for the year as the gap between dining tables and nature is decreasing. Consumers look for fresh fruits, vegetables, plants and herbs throughout the day, using natural ingredients which have been nurtured in the relevant seasons and helping to shorten the food supply chain. With vegetarian, vegan and many more diets, many consumers make a conscious decision to eat less meat and more vegetables with 84% of Millennials agreeing that freshness is likely to influence their food and beverage purchases*.

Take a peek at some of our other trends for the year in our trends section

We understand that it’s not always possible or economical to cook from scratch with fresh fruit and veg for every occasion, so our food development team have worked hard to create fantastic vegetarian ready meals and has even won awards and been recognised for particular products in this area!

*The Food People 2016

British Sandwich Week 14-20 May

British Sandwich Week is a week-long celebration of Britains’s go-to food-to-go and perhaps the most loved British culinary invention, the sandwich. Named after the 4th Earl of Sandwich, Lord John Montague, the modern sandwich is simple to make and quick to eat, but most importantly it can be picked up and eaten anywhere. With products like this, it is important to have a good solution for on-the-go packaging. Bidfood has recently launched our new Food2Go brochure which is stuffed with fantastic information and great solutions for sandwiches and all other on-the-go products. Also make sure to check out our other fantastic on-the-go food ideas on the grab & go page in our Create Summer section. It’s packed with even more tips and tricks!

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