Checklist of a perfect summer menu

We’re here to help you make the most of summer and encourage even more customers into your establishment to enjoy everything you have to offer! That’s why we’ve created this super simple summer checklist – take a look below and see if you can add something different to your outlet this summer!

A new menu layout

If you want to add a little freshness to your establishment during the summer period, switching up a new menu design is a great way to do this! Using light summer colours or photos of your summer inspired dishes which will compliment the mood and ambience you are wanting to convey.

First-hand desserts

Is it time to update your dessert menu? Summer is the perfect time to excite your customers with something new! It can be as simple as new ice cream flavours and sorbets or why not tantalise their taste buds with a zesty lemon tart!

Yarde Farm have over 40 ice cream flavours, take a look!

Grilled dishes

Grilled dishes should be on any summer menu. Grilled meat, fish, seafood and vegetables can be the perfect addition to any salad, main or appetiser, highlighting on your menu that it is a seasonal dish only for that extra appeal and exclusivity.

Take a look at our Summer Grills page for more product inspiration and insights!

A cocktail menu

Drinks can be one of the most profitable aspects on the menu all year round – especially during seasonal periods! Why not create some new summer inspired cocktail recipes and highlight them for a limited time to increase it’s appeal.

Something summery and citrusy - have you seen Unity's Tanqueray gin and juice recipe?

Parties and events

Not only will you want to excite your customers with a new summer menu but you will also want them to enjoy their surroundings and atmosphere!

Give them another reason to come to your establishment, take a look at our Caterers Calendar page to help organise your summer celebrations!

Easy upgrades

Haven’t got time for a new menu? Don’t stress – try making simple time saving switches instead! This can help save valuable time and resource within the kitchen, without compromising on quality. Easy, ready to use products are perfect for this – for example have you seen our thaw and serve summer salads? Its a concept of complete meal salads, immediately ready-to-serve after defrosting, developed by chefs for chefs.

We have two varieties for you to check out; Indian Summer (50692 ) and Sunny Vibes (50693).

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