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Burgers made up over one in ten of all main dishes on UK menus in summer 2019 and 2020 making them a clear favourite with consumers and a menu must-have this summer.

Source: Lumina Intelligence

Check out our favourite burgers, buns and toppers to help you build the perfect burgers for your summer menu.

Choose your patty

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Farmstead bistro burgers (52849)

Made from course cut 100% beef mince, our Farmstead bistro burgers are seasoned to perfection and have very limited shrinkage when cooked. Available in four different sizes 113g, 140g, 170g, 227g these burgers are ideal for grilling, pan frying or BBQ-ing.

Farmstead puck burger (52820)

The puck burger has the same quality and taste as the bistro burger but is formed into a puck shape allowing you to press and shape to your desired thickness and size for that homemade look and feel. Case size 24x113g

Farmstead lamb kofte burger (52850)

For something a little bit different why not try our Farmstead Lamb Kofte burger. Deliciously aromatic and encompassing the flavours of the Middle East this burger will really stand out on any menu. Serve in a burger bun or in a flat bread with Tzatziki. Case size 24x170g.

Farmstead pork and chorizo burger (52844)

Not your average burger, The Farmstead pork and chorizo burger is beautifully seasoned and bursting with flavour from the chorizo. Serve in a toasted bun with salsa and pickled red onions.

Meat free burgers

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Garden Gourmet sensational vegan burger 113g

Code: 69752
Pack size: 1x2kg frozen

Garden Gourmet vegetarian burger deluxe

Code: 41121
Pack size: 1x2kg frozen

Quorn vegan buttermilk style burger

Code: 80643
Pack size: 1x2kg frozen

The Vegetarian Butcher nochicken burger

Code: 80592
Pack size: 1x2.4kg frozen

Everyday Favourites falafel and spinach quarter pounder

Code: 25301
Pack size: 124pk frozen

Choose your buns

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Pretzel burger bun sliced

Code: 00053

Americana gourmet burger bun

Code: 30741

Gluten free poppy seed burger bun

Code: 42561

Kara Mk4 high fibre bun

Code: 60238

Everyday Favourites MK5 seed burger bun

Code: 70054

Americana grill marked burger bun

Code: 71447

Choose your toppers

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Castello burger blue cheese slices

Code: 41189
Pack size: 10x125g chilled

Kerrymaid burger slices

Code: 75497
Pack size: 8x1.4kg chilled

Everyday Favourites giant beer battered onion rings

Code: 21553
Pack size: 6x1kg frozen

Farmstead smoked rindless streaky bacon

Code: 22728
Pack size: 6x1.36kg chilled

Everyday Favourites macaroni cheese

Code: 38215
Pack size: 12x400g frozen

BBQ pulled pork with jalapenos

Code: 20002
Pack size: 12x200g frozen

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