Date posted: 04/05/2022

Vibrant Hawaiian sweet potato salad

A vibrant and colourful sweet potato salad with green alioli and chilli dressing.

  • Serves 10
  • Timing: 25 mins
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Sweet potato 2000g
Pure olive oil 40ml
Fine beans (chilled) 200g
Cherry tomato on the vine (chilled) 300g
Red onion (whole) 200g
Little gem lettuce 5 pieces
Medium sized pineapple 1
Vegan mayonnaise 100ml
Cuban Chimichurri 100g
Garlic 6g
Lime 3 pieces
Parsley 15g
Green chillies 40g
Sunflower seeds 10g
Sesame seeds 10g
Pumpkin seeds 15g
Whole black sesame seed 10g
Micro coriander 10g


  1. To prepare, pre-roast the sweet potato wedges and allow them to cool. Toast the seeds, and peel and slice the pineapple before chargrilling it.
  2. Place the sweet potato wedges into a mixing bowl. Add the blanched greens, the tomatoes (after cutting them into halves), fine wedges of red onion, sliced little gem lettuce and wedges of chargrilled pineapple. Set to one side.
  3. Blend together the mayonnaise, chimichurri, parsley, garlic, de-seeded chilli and juice from 2 limes and then pour over the salad and dress.
  4. Before serving it up, top with seeds, a handful of micro-coriander and some fresh lime wedges.
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