Date posted: 07/04/2017

The Greek god burger

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Lamb roasted onion & coriander burger 224g 1
Gourmet sourdough bun 1
Zorba delicacies tzatsiki 25g
Red cabbage 15g
Stokes cider & horseradish mustard 20g


  1. Chargrill the lamb burger allowing the fat to drip away until the centre reaches 75oC, allow to rest, season the burger after cooking.
  2. Toast the sour dough bun well.
  3. Mix the tzatsiki and shredded red cabbage together to make a pink slaw.
  4. Place in this order on the base of the toasted bun – cider & horseradish mustard, cooked burger, tzatsiki slaw.
  5. Put the burger top on and skewer with a long paddle, place on a lined board with a basket of rustic chips.
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