Date posted: 29/10/2019

Tate & Lyle® caramel & banoffee hot chocolate

  • Serves 1
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Tate & Lyle® caramel cane sugar syrup 2 pumps
Espresso 2 shots
Chocolate powder 1 tsp
Steamed milk 180-230ml
Whipped cream caramel or toffee sauce decorate with
Banana chips top with


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  1. In serving cup of your choice, add one scoop of chocolate powder.
  2. Add espresso shots and whisk.
  3. Add 2 pumps of Tate & Lyle® caramel syrup.
  4. Top with steamed milk.
  5. Decorate with whipped cream, caramel or toffee sauce and banana topping as desired.
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