Date posted: 04/05/2022

Sunny vibes vegan kofta salad

Vegan kofta kebabs, crumbled vegan cheese, semi-dried tomatoes and mixed grain salad on a bed of thick harissa hummus.

  • Serves 10
  • Timing: 25 mins
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Frozen salad 1250g
Semi-dried tomatoes in oil 150g
Hummus 1000g
Olives et al harrisa paste 80g
Pure olive oil 80ml
Lemons 3
Arley plant based evolution koftas 10
Cheese vegan Greek feta style 200g
Micro coriander 10g
Munchy seeds mega omega tamari seven seed mix 2 packets


  1. Place the defrosted salad into a bowl and add the chopped semi dried tomatoes and a little of the marinade.
  2. Spread the hummus around the plate and top this with the salad.
  3. Mix the olive oil and harissa together with the juice of 1 lemon. Cut the remainder of the lemon into wedges for the finished dish.
  4. Brush the defrosted kofta with the harissa dressing before grilling until the koftas are hot. Keep brushing with the dressing whilst they’re cooking.
  5. Slice the koftas and place them onto the salad. Finish with some crumbled vegan ‘feta’, a handful of micro-coriander and the seed mix.
  6. Squeeze the fresh lemon wedge over the dish, and serve the salad up with some flat bread if desired.
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