Date posted: 24/08/2018

Philadelphia Cheese Steak with Smoky Chorizo and Onion Marmalade

  • Serves 4
  • Timing: 30 mins
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Philadelphia Original 100g
Soft goats cheese 100g
Dijon mustard 2 tsp
Egg yolk 1
Large onions , skinned 2
Farmstead smoked rindless streaky bacon 3
Everyday Favourites unsalted butter 5g
Sugar 20g
Chorizo sausage, diced 50g
Everyday Favourites parsley 5g
Farmstead fillet steak 4 x 150g
Sourdough bread 4 slices
Baby leaf and rocket salad 100g
Vinaigrette dressing 5ml


  1. Combine the goats cheese with the Philadelphia, then add the Dijon mustard and egg yolk. Mix thoroughly.
  2. Finely slice the onions and bacon and cook down gently with the sugar and butter for around 30 minutes until the onions are very soft. Add the chorizo and combine thoroughly. Add the chopped parsley.
  3. Season the fillet steak then sear in a hot pan. Put in the oven for a few minutes allowing for the glazing time under the grill. Allow to rest and slice. Toast the sourdough on both sides. Spread on the warm, smoky chorizo marmalade then arrange the sliced steak on top. Spoon over some of the creamy Philadelphia cheese glaze. Flash under the grill to glaze (this can also be done with a blow torch). Plate up with dressed baby leaf and rocket salad and serve.
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