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Our fresh beef

Our beef range needs to be as versatile as the menus we cater for. From portioned steaks, to everyday products like diced and minced beef, to larger joints for roasting, we have a large variety to choose from.

Red tractor certified

We source cattle from Red Tractor Assured farms for the Farmstead beef brand, which apply strict standards of beef farming practices, ensuring that animal welfare is paramount throughout. The cattle are brought from local farms from the South West of England and South Wales to our BRC A grade Red Tractor Assured processing plant based in the West country, where we then take a great deal of care processing the beef to meet our customers’ needs.


Our farmer’s stories

The cattle farm where we source our beef is situated in Westonbirt, South Gloucestershire and in the heart of the beautiful West Country countryside. The farmer, Mr David Sellar, rears and raises a stock of prime cattle breeds including Ruby Red Devon’s and Limousine continental cross cattle. The cattle are fed on grass in the summer months when it is plentiful and is rich with nutrients and in the winter months quality cereal and silage which helps to produce beef full of character and flavour. David’s expertise in the farming industry ensures we only get the best beef from farm to plate;


“Our farming interest extends to some 800 acres (330 hectares) comprising of Beef and Arable production. Our Beef unit is fully ABM Farm Assured specialising in continental cross breeds ensuring the highest quality finished cattle are available.”

David Sellar

Cooking your steaks

Follow the chart above for approximate cooking times to achieve the desired finished result. Based on a one inch thick sirloin steak, pan fried and the pan should be hot.

Top tips for resting products

When steaks are cooking, the high heat can cause the meat to toughen up. This is due to the fibres in the product tightening as the moisture from them is being cooked outwards.

It is important that when the meat has left the grill you let it rest, this is so the fibres can loosen up again and relax. These are what makes the steak chewy, it will also help any remaining blood and moisture within the muscle to disperse evenly.

Ideally products need 1/3 of their cooking time to rest, so use your plating time and time to the table to get as close to this as possible to ensure your products are the best they can be.

Health benefits from beef 

Beef is a source of iron which helps the immune system to work and reduces tiredness and fatigue. It’s rich in protein which helps muscles grow and supports the maintenance of both muscles and bones. Beef naturally provides niacin, riboflavin, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins B6 and B12 that support good health and well-being.


Seasonal inspiration

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