Date posted: 24/10/2018

Mission Foods’ Indian spiced crispy chicken wrap

  • Serves 4
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Mission Foods Indian spiced wraps 4
Cooked crispy breaded chicken breasts (sliced) 2
Cooked wholegrain rice 400g
Spinach scatter on each
Sliced red pepper top each with
Sliced red chilli a sprinkle on each
Fresh coriander a small handful on each


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  This vibrant Indian Spiced Wrap from Mission Foods is flavoured with mild spices, including turmeric, to create a vibrant colour. It is ideal with a range of fillings and is teamed with a mild curry dressing in this recipe.
  1. Combine all the ingredients for the creamy mild curry dressing in a bowl and smear each wrap with a generous amount of the mixture.
  2. Divide the wholegrain rice equally between the four wraps.
  3. Top each wrap with the crispy breaded chicken, divided equally.
  4. Add a scattering of spinach leaves, some sliced red pepper, a sprinkle of red chilli slices and finish with a small handful of fresh coriander tops to each wrap.
  5. Roll, cut and serve each wrap.
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