Korean style pork belly strips with sticky rice & quinoa bowl

3rd March 2017


  1. Cook the rice and quinoa as per instructions and keep warm until needed
  2. Follow the grilling instructions to reheat the pork, once hot, set to one side
    and keep warm
  3. In a large frying pan add the sesame oil and fry the rice and quinoa mxi together
  4. Add the juice from 2 limes, sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce
  5. Separate the eggs – only the yolks are needed and set to one side
  6. Serve the rice mix into warmed bowls and top each one with hte egg yolk
  7. Top with the hot Korean pork and toasted peanuts
  8. Serve straight to the table for the customer to stir – this will cook the egg yolk

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