Date posted: 03/03/2017

Korean style pork belly strips with hirata buns & crunchy vegetables

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Premium Selection Korean style pork belly strips 1 x 300g
Hirata buns 10
Kimchi 100g
Cucumber 1
Carrots, whole 2
Micro coriander 30g
Red chilli 25g
Limes 1


  1. Follow the grilling instructions to reheat the pork, once hot, set to one side and keep warm.
  2. Steam the Hirata buns until cooked.
  3. Load the Hirata buns with pork and Kimchi.
  4. Top with cucumber & carrot julienne.
  5. Finish with fresh herbs and a drizzle of the remaining sauce then sprinkle with the sliced chilli.
  6. Squeeze the lime over the top and serve.
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