Date posted: 17/10/2019

Christmas sharing platter/buffet

  • Serves 10
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TMI cooked pigs in blankets 15g 20
Everyday Favourites pure Canadian maple syrup 40ml
Premium Selection goose fat roast potatoes 20
Everyday Favourites coarse grain mustard 25g
Hollyland 12″ Khobez flatbread 2
Daloon beetroot & ginger falafel 10
Shaws fig & honey chutney 80g
Halloumi fries 10
Vegetable chips 200g
Scheff cranberry & brie wonton 10
Everyday Favourites cranberry sauce 100g


  1. Make the mustard dip. Coat the Pigs in blankets with maple syrup and place onto a roasting tray ready to cook.
  2. Roast the potatoes as per the cooking instructions and then tumble with grain mustard and keep warm.
  3. Warm and cut the flatbread into pieces.
  4. Cook the falafel as per cooking instructions and keep warm then top with the fig chutney and flat bread.
  5. Cook the Halloumi fries as per instructions on pack and keep warm.
  6. Cook the vegetable chips as per instructions.
  7. Assemble all the cooked components onto a sharing board and serve with cranberry sauce dip.
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