Date posted: 29/10/2019

Kelly’s bakewell tart freakshake

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    Kelly’s cherry bakewell ice cream 2-3 scoops
    Milk 75ml
    Cherry jam 1 tbsp
    Whipping cream top with
    Everyday Favourites granola 1 tbsp
    Flaked almonds a sprinkle
    Fresh cherries 1 per tart


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    1. Blend two or three scoops of Kelly’s cherry bakewell ice cream with 75ml of milk.
    2. Spread one tablespoon of cherry jam up the sides of a milkshake takeaway cup or dine-in glass.
    3. Pour the milkshake into the cup and top with freshly whipped cream.
    4. To decorate, add one tablespoon of granola, and a sprinkling of flaked almonds
    5. Top with a ripe cherry and enjoy!
    6. For a more indulgent freakshake style topping, push a straw through a mini bakewell tart and rest on the top of the glass.
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