Date posted: 13/07/2017

Alabama pork shoulder

  • Serves 10
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Marinade Ingredients
Hickory & Applewood Liquid Smoke (33072) 150ml
Major Barbecue Mari-Base (58370) 300ml
Farmstead Pork Shoulder - Boneless British 2-4kg (91002) 2.25-3kg
White BBQ Sauce Ingredients
Everyday Favourites Mayonnaise (04135) 100g
Colman’s Horseradish Relish (66009) 1 tsp
Cider Vinegar 5ml
Everyday Favourites Clear Blossom Honey (07067) 1 tsp
KTC Lemon Juice (07313) 20ml
Chef William Cayenne Pepper (70380) 3g
Everyday Favourites Cracked Black Peppercorn (50396) 3g
Maldon Sea Salt (07650) 3g


  1. Mix together the BBQ and Hickory marinades and rub all over the pork. Allow the pork to marinade overnight
  2. Place the pork onto a bed of root vegetables in a large braising pot or a deep roasting tray and cover well with tin foil
  3. Place into a hot oven at 150˚C for 3 hours, removing every 40 minutes to pour over the cooking sauces. When cooked the pork should be very tender, remove it from the oven at this point and allow it to rest for 10 minutes
  4. To make the white BBQ sauce, combine all of the ingredients together in a mixing bowl
  5. Taste the mixture and add seasoning where it is needed. Then allow the sauce to mature for one hour before serving
  6. To serve the pork cut two good chunks off the pork shoulder and serve with some of the white BBQ sauce, mustard slaw and some corn bread - serve with the cooking juices and enjoy!
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