Grab & go

Did you know that food to go grew by 4.6% in 2016 and is expected to continue to grow by an average rate of 4.4% over the next three years?*

MCA, 2016


Looking for disposable packaging for food? We have a range from leading suppliers to fulfil your every Food2Go packaging need no matter what you’re serving up. Hot food, drinks, cold lunch, plastic containers, fun/ children’s packaging, we have a huge selection of environment friendly sustainable packaging, all helpfully labeled with easy to understand lables.

Theo’s Chicken

Inspired by the street food trend, Theo’s is a range of frozen marinated chicken thigh. All of Theo’s products are made using British Red Tractor accredited chicken, an important factor considering 66% of people prefer to buy poultry that has been made in Britain*. Pairing the range with a variety of flavours from around the world gives you the perfect base for creating some great grab & go lunch options.

Americana – Smokehouse

The summer season is the perfect time to catch onto the latest trend of slow cooked or smoked meats. Think quality cuts of fresh meat infused with flavoursome rubs and marinades, slow cooked until it falls apart – perfection!


When loading up your burgers, why not fry up some pickles? The added crunch tastes great!

For more burger inspiration, take a look at our ‘Build a burger’ brochure. For your copy, speak to your business manager today!


For the ultimate American inspired treat, waffles are an excellent option as they are highly versatile, giving you the flexibility to be as creative as you like. Not only do they taste great but they can also be served as a grab & go option – perfect for capturing extra trade or even as a takeaway dessert offer!

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