Date posted: 23/02/2017

Three cheese mac with smoked rib of beef

  • Serves 5
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Farmstead short rib beef (Jacob's Ladder) 5
Everyday Favourites unsalted butter 40g
Everyday Favourites plain white flour 40g
Cravendale whole milk 400ml
Maldon sea salt 8g
Everyday Favourites white pepper 0.5g
Double cream 300ml
Il Pesatore grana padano wedge 60g
French gruyere style block 100g
Everyday Favourites Italian macaroni 500g
Président goats cheese log 100g
Everyday Favourites ciabatta roll 1 roll
Dill pickles 125g
Everyday Favourites batter mix 500g
Everyday Favourites BBQ sauce 250ml
Apple wood chips 12g


  1. Smoke the Jacob’s Ladder for 4 hours over apple chips, then vacuum pack and sous vide for 72 hours at 73˚C
  2. Make a cheese sauce by making a roux then adding the milk, cream and cheese and blend until smooth and creamy, season with the salt and pepper.
  3. Layer grated goats cheese, pasta and cheese sauce in an individual copper pot and top with chunks of ciabatta and bake until golden brown.
  4. To make the frickles - combine the batter with cold water and drop sliced dill pickles in and deep fry until crispy and golden.
  5. To assemble the dish chargrill the Jacob’s Ladder and mop with the BBQ sauce, turning and mopping at regular intervals.
  6. Place the copper pan on a Stonecast oblong plate and rest the cooked Jacobs Ladder against the pan, top with the frickles and serve with Caesar salad or American slaw with red cabbage.
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