How buffet could be different for 2020

Buffet is one area of Christmas that is most certainly going to look a little different this year. Large office parties are probably not going to happen in 2020 but consumers may want to head out to celebrate in smaller groups.

Utilising buffet products and turning them into individual platters on menus or creating light bites or small plate menus could provide an opportunity to offer festive food to customers that may not want a full three meal course and would rather just picky bits.

NEW KK Fine Foods pumpkin mac cheese bites – vegetarian
NEW tikka flavoured MSC pollock bites
NEW southern-fried MSC pollock bites
Biff's Kitchen jackfruit wings – vegan
Everyday Favourites halloumi fries – vegetarian
Cook Asia celebration Indian selection pack - vegan

And if you are thinking about how you could use the traditional mini desserts you see on buffets, why not offer a sweet individual platter or offer them with a hot drink.

Everyday Favourites mini tiffin bites
Mademoiselle Desserts vegan mini chocolate caramel cheesecake
Mini stollen bites
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