New products

New products

Late last year we sat down and predicted what kind of products we would see come through over the festive period this year, these predictions then helped us decide what kind of new products we wanted to add to our range.

We predicted:

• Retro and nostalgic flavours will make a come back
• Products that cater to more than one dietary requirement will be really popular
• All menus need to include vegan options
• Foods need to cater to more than just taste. What they look like on a plate and sound like on a menu will be just as important
• Popular puddings will be merged together to create interesting hybrid desserts

In total we have launched 64 new products this year and here is a selection of our favourites

12” eco kraft village scene charity crackers

14” deluxe navy & rose gold crackers

Christmas selfie kit

Gluten free pigs in blankets

Quality Cuisine kiln roasted salmon parfait with a gin & tonic centre

Tri-colour veggie fries

Farmstead bacon loin joint with Dijon mustard & muscavado sugar glaze

Classic Cuisine spiced cauliflower en croute

Classic Cuisine roasted butternut squash stuffed with Mediterranean veg

Premium Selection chocolate & salted caramel Christmas presents

Everyday Favourites sherry trifle cheesecake

Vegan sticky toffee pudding

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