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Why choose Délifrance?

At Delifrance, we believe that every day doesn’t have to taste like everyday. Each day is a reason to enjoy every bite of it. That’s why we put all our know-how and heart into crafting delicious bakery products that re-awaken your senses and renew your delight for the everyday.


From our farmers, to our millers, our bakers, our employees, up to our customers we are collectively committed to seek new and pioneering ways to improve ourselves while cultivating the highest respect for our heritage and willingness to hand it over. Because when you bake better each day, you live better every day. Délifrance. Live everyday delicious.

Superior quality products

Our bakers and chefs combine bakery expertise, artisanal inspiration and superior quality ingredients to create delicious products.


A bakery range perfect for all sectors  from coffee shops, hotel and restaurants to healthcare and education.

Adapting to local tastes

We adapt our traditional recipes to local tastes as well as following the latest trends. Our aim is to give food lovers around the world new experiences and bring the magic back to their everyday lives.

Discover our range today

From the classics to on trend bakery products we have the right range for your business

Héritage mini rustic roll selection 105 x 40g (87210)

A selection of stone baked rolls; mini pave levain, mini polish diamond and a mini cereal triangle. Perfect as mini sandwiches or soup accompaniment rolls

Heritage butter croissant 60 x 70g (86642)

A premium fine butter croissant made with a sourdough recipe giving an exceptionally crispy crust with a delicious melt-in-your-mouth centre. Ideal for sit-down breakfast or on-the-go

Salted butter caramel opéra 4 x 750g (32442)

A luxury layered dessert cake with alternating sponges soaked in a caramel syrup with two luxurious layers of salted butter caramel cream and a third layer of milk chocolate ganache. Decorated with chocolate velvet highlighted with a salted butter caramel coulis

Miniguette assortment 120 x 60g (32260)

Stonebaked rustic mini baguette selection made with a sourdough recipe and four different toppings: flour dusting, oats flakes, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Fully baked

Vegan spelt and quinoa croissant 56 x 80g (32253)

A delicious vegan croissant made with wheat and spelt flour - topped with quinoa seeds for a crunchy finish. Great plain for breakfast or filled as a sandwich. Perfect for coffee and sandwich shops, hotels and healthcare

Heritage rustic seeded half baguette 60 x 130g (32258)

Created by French master baker Pascal Tepper – a delicious baguette part baked on a natural stone hearth oven with a seeded topping (pumpkin, millet and brown linseed topping) giving a nutty taste - perfect for creating premium sandwiches, bruschetta bites or great as a soup accompaniment

Individually wrapped viennoiserie

Take a look at our range below




Did you know? 55% of consumers eat breakfast out of home most of the time and 63% of snacker’s eat between meals once a day or more*

Our fully baked range is perfect for an on the go snack;

  • Fully baked and individually wrapped for convenience
  • Efficient increase your sales by displaying next to hot drinks machine – with our handy POS stand
  • Profitable refill on demand to avoid wastage




*Source: Mintel 2016 & Consumer Snacking UK – Mintel 2017


All butter croissant 32 x 35g (72550)

Pain au chocolat 40 x 35g (72551)

Maple & pecan plait 48 x 40g (71042)

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page has been provided directly by Delifrance and is in no way related to Bidfood UK.

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