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Whether you want to provide a full range of food, or a quick on-the-go solution for your employees, we have all that you could need.

There are a plethora of new outlets opening on the high-street, providing new tastes and trends which are used as a way of differentiating from one another and reaching out to customers who want a variety in food options. As competition continues to rise, it is therefore vital for contract caterers to keep up with what is happening in the market.

We want to work in partnership with you to develop solutions within your business to meet your customers’ needs, whether that’s in providing insights and trends, working with you to build the right offering, or even simply helping with industry challenges, such as managing allergens.

Channel insights

As an outlet, it’s important to continually develop your offer in line with trends and customer demands.  In order to help keep you up to date with this, we aim to support you through sharing the insights we gather from our team of experts.

Trends to consider


Grab and Go

As more and more people find themselves having less time, quick and easy solutions are becoming increasingly appealing for customers. With more variety appearing on the high-street, and with it becoming easier to get food through apps like Just-Eat and Deliveroo, it is vital for the workplace  to keep up with the market.

Mintel Foodservice Trends – 2018


Street Eats

Street food is currently booming. The rising trend of street eats is not just on the street, we are seeing the style growingly make its way into the workplace as experiential eating becomes the norm. It’s more to do with the type of food and how it is served than anything else.

MCA Street Food Market – June 2018


Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty schemes such as loyalty cards or apps are ever more being used to promote repeat purchases. In most cases, the scheme offers a reward for a set amount of purchases. Why not incorporate a loyalty scheme at your locations?

Mintel 2018

Joe Blogs


Welcome to Joe Blogs where each month we discuss all the hot topics and key insights in the contract catering market by Joe Angliss (pun intended), our Customer Marketing Executive.


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Our support tools

Seasonal and theme days

In the workplace it is important to freshen things up with new and different choices as customers are increasingly looking for more variance in offering. Seasonal and theme days are a perfect way to do that. To support on these days, we have created on-site posters, chef recipes, and empty belly posters for you to use.


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What’s more, we have a range of brochures to help inspire your chefs…


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