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Your quick guide to maintaining hygiene standards this winter

Your quick guide to maintaining hygiene standards this winter
As winter 2021 approaches, Bidfood Catering Supplies has put forward a few key areas and points to focus on to ensure we have a safe Christmas period.

Remember – keeping your business clean is simple, safe and effective and will go a long way to keeping your staff and customers confident and happy this winter.


Hand hygiene

We should all be well versed by now in effective hand hygiene – it’s important to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or more.

Using an antibacterial soap product will be even more beneficial to your business as these can possess anti-bacterial, anti-biocidal and sanitising properties.

Download and print our informative hand hygiene guides:


Surface sanitisation

With surface contaminants such as bacteria and viruses (including SARS‐CoV‐2) remaining on surfaces if not removed properly, it’s exceptionally important that a surface sanitising routine is employed throughout your business.

Be it back or front of house, sanitising regular touch points or hot spots will protect your staff and customers, helping them feel at ease within your business.


Paper hygiene

When it comes to drying your hands, Bidfood Catering Supplies are very passionate about all things paper.

Long gone are the days of the electric air dryers which typically can cause the spread of contaminants throughout the washroom area – paper towels remove bacteria and viruses more effectively and reduce the risk of them spreading.


Colour coded cleaning

Ever wondered why we supply various janitorial products in four different colours?!

Every part of your business deserves its own dedicated range of cleaning equipment – be it a broom, a cloth or a mop.

It’s important to not cross contaminate between different areas of your operation, which in turn will help maintain your hygiene standards.

Between our own brands and key strategic partners – Bidfood Catering Supplies can help you maintain your hygiene standards this winter and continue to keep everyone surrounding your business safe.

To explore our great range of cleaning and hygiene products, explore our website here.

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