by Kirstie Jackson

The 5 ice cream flavours you need on your menu this summer

The 5 ice cream flavours you need on your menu this summer
Yarde Farm ice cream is the perfect addition to your summer desserts menu.

Established in the West Country in 1987, Yarde Farm are serious about ice cream; using only the finest ingredients like velvety fresh cream, pure clotted cream and deliciously ripe fruit.

Here are some of our favourite, irresistible flavours for summer 2021…




As you can see, this ice cream is sure to turn heads…

Its fun appearance and novelty flavour is the perfect sweet treat for children and adults alike on a hot day, with a popular flavour profile of strawberry ice cream with blueberry ripple sauce & marshmallows. Plus, its vibrant colours are guaranteed to get people talking and maybe even sharing a picture or two on social media!


Black Forest gateau


A more indulgent ice cream, the Black Forest gateau offers the perfect combination of luxury flavour and interesting texture. A twist on a classic, this flavour combo includes dairy ice cream with cherry ripple, chocolate sponge & milk chocolate shavings.




Yarde Farm have collaborated with Joe & Seph’s sticky toffee caramel sauce to create this delicious flavour. With a brand name consumers are sure to recognise and love, this flavour gives a competitive edge to your menu, as well as offering a great all year round flavour profile which matches any dessert.


Lotus Biscoff


It’s hard to say no to Lotus Biscoff! That’s why this irresistible ice cream flavour should definitely be on your menu this summer. Its well-known decadent flavour is very on trend and a great all year round flavour which will look great on your menu.

Top tip: it’s great smothered with even more Biscoff toppings!


Vegan chocolate


Finally, the vegan chocolate flavour from Yarde Farm not only tastes great, but is also a must-have on a menu. Being both vegan and gluten free, it means you can offer a great tasting dessert to a larger number of consumers… something which has become crucial as consumer dietary expectations increase.

Top tip: pair this with a vegan dessert from our V Kitchen range.


We hope we’ve inspired you with some delicious ice cream flavours to think about for your dessert menu. To discover the whole Yarde Farm range, head on over to their website. You can also find more summer product inspiration over on our Celebrate Summer pages.

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