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How to bring alive a winter feast in your care home

How to bring alive a winter feast in your care home

Meal times for your residents is a chance for them to come together, socialise and is something for them to look forward to each day. Christmas always provides an array of creative opportunities for food, from elevated dishes to showcasing traditional dishes. Catering for all residents in your home is challenging, some residents not only have complex dietary needs to cater for but also there is not always time to get creative with dishes.

To help you bring a winter feast alive in your care home this Christmas, we sat down with our very own Public Sector Catering chef of the year, Wayne Wright to look at some of our recipes from the celebration feast guide! This guide was created by Wayne to really showcase products, and have simple yet effective recipes that are perfect to add to your menu this Christmas.

Elevate soups with a few added touches… Cream of mushroom soup and black truffle oil as the go-to.

A staple in any care home, a good wholesome soup. You can easily take this soup and elevate it to make it feel more of an occasion. By adding truffle oil, or croutons, it can instantly add a more premium feel. To serve alongside it, can you create a signature bread? This will not only add a real personalised touch, but it can also help get the beautiful aromas flowing through the home to build up those appetites.

It’s also easy to fortify soup for those residents that need it.

To view this recipe, method and more, visit here.

A classic dish for the spread… Maple and mustard glazed gammon slipper with piccalilli dressing and hassle back potatoes.

This is a fantastic dish that is sure to be a hit with your residents. Boasting rich flavours and textures, it is a comforting and hearty winter dish. The beauty of creating this dish is you can also carve the meat in the dining hall to really give it that show-stopper feel to capture their attention.

To view this recipe, method and more, visit here.

Antipasto tris di salami

This salami selection adds a unique starter option for your menu. Whether you create a large plate to serve buffet style, or create individual boards for each resident – it is bound to capture their attention. An array of textures, colours and flavours it is the perfect grazing option ahead of the meal or even as a nice savoury afternoon snack.

When plating this up, ensure you are adding in extra pops of colour with olives, bread, crackers and more!

Add pops of colour to your spread with this cheesy baked eggs, wilted spinach and cherry tomato recipe…

Vibrant pops of orange, red and green to add a feast for the eyes. This is a great addition to the spread, not only for the colour it brings but also for a tasty option without meat. You can create this in a large tray, or create individual pots. This dish also is crafted with minimal ingredients but provides maximum impact.

To view this recipe, method and more, visit here.

No feast is complete without desserts… Chef Wayne’s lemon pudding.

A lemon pudding offers a refreshing option for your dessert table. It is created with just three ingredients and has a preparation time of only 10 minutes – meaning it is a quick, simple but effective dessert that is always a popular choice. Get creative with the presentation, you can serve this in some glass pots with some added slices of lemon, just like chef Wayne did in the image below…

To view this recipe, method and more, visit here.

There is always room for cheese… especially with a festive twist!

To finish your feast on a high, feast your eyes on our cheese board selection! This board is packed full of everyone’s favourites. A great cutlery free dining option, you can individually plate this up for residents or serve it buffet style. You could even style the cheese in the shape of a Christmas tree to really create a showstopper Christmas plate!

Cheese boards are also a great way to bring in some key festive products and flavours…

Explore our Christmas range here: Wholesale Christmas Food & Drinks | Bidfood

We hope these dishes offer inspiration for your festive menus. From quick, simple yet show-stopping options to some ready to go product options. For more inspiration for your care home menu planning or special dietary support, make sure you explore our care page for more information: Care Homes Food Suppliers & Menu Inspiration – Bidfood

Still searching for some Christmas inspiration for your care home? Make sure you check out our top 5 tips for celebrating Christmas in care.

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